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  1. Cheers, just need to know if it's the correct one for the stagea now
  2. Don't suppose you remember the model numbers of them at all? And what model gtr?
  3. I have a head that will need to be recoed, was on a complete engine I bought and it had dropped a valve guide into the cylinder, but not too bad considering. can send photos if want. $600 plus post from Victoria
  4. Heya peeps, I am looking to put a QUAIFE lsd into the rear of my barge. It's a S2 AWD Auto and would like to know if the following model number is the correct unit? QUAIFE model QDF7L to suit an R200 29 spline. Eventually I would like to have an LSD in both ends of the car and to have both the same type, so that's why I wanna have a quaife instead of a clutch type at one end and helical the other that behave differently. Look forward to responses either for or against.
  5. More than likely be cheaper to buy the complete bar, by time you chop up your stock bar, graft in new section then blend /fill/fibreglass and paint.
  6. Have spoken to MVand bloke told me would need to change a few things inside the trans mechanically before putting a manual valve body in it, because apparently not supposed to be compatible with the B transmission, would also need a different/aftermarket shifter to be able to get first gear, and a new stall converter because it wouldn't be a lock up one. Then I would have to ship it to em etc too. So would be a costly experience
  7. Probably by cutting the lower section out and grafting takeros bit in place
  8. Car already had a nistune and it has been replaced with a new Link G4X stormX ecu so it doesn't have trans control communicating properly, looking more and more likely to end up going manual valve body
  9. I am fine with not having the steering wheel buttons working, and no issues with having to move the shifter etc, was more about dulling the thumping between changes, especially on down shifts. Will see how it goes with new clutch packs and band for now, but full manual valve body is looking more and more likely in the future
  10. Cheers, will look em up and hit em up
  11. Will most likely not fit on a STD bar because the bottom below tailgate is different shape
  12. Have heard back from 2 controller manufacturers and neither support the RE401B, they both support the A model but the B has extra solenoids and harder to get around electronically apparently. So the search continues, next step is to get hold of MV and see what they can suggest
  13. Awesome work, thanks heaps for the knowledge, truly appreciate it and will try to put it to good use, I'll have a chat with mv automatics and my tuner to see what they can find/recommend etc, and show them this thread to have a kick off point. I'm gonna start researching as best I can in the meantime and smashing the inboxes of manufacturers to see what shakes out. Cheers
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