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  1. Hay might be intrested in the bumper but do u have any rear rhs panels?
  2. Hay guys im selling a twin 2.5 inch system with dual rear mufflers also comes with 3" front pipe and dump. It's all brand new, selling for $750. Will post up pictures if anyone is intrested. Cheers.
  3. Intrested in putting my name down. Which course are we going to be playing? Cheers
  4. hay I was wondering how much a Bomex kit would cost for a 32 4 door or if you can get them at all? Thanks
  5. Hay, I'm intrested at the Clarion DXZ656 Head unit; was wondering when would I be able to pick it up? Thanks.
  6. Hey ill sell you myne for $50. I just had it tested on Tuesday and its working fine. PM me if you're intrested
  7. Hey man., Go see Swan Tyres there up in Osbourne Park. They have a huge range of tyres there you cant go wrong. Or go search around tyre joints see if they have any they dont need.
  8. If you want good tyres for a good price get the Nexen N3000. They are a great value for money, they provide good grip in both dry and wet weather conditions. The life in the tyres are also good. A few of the drift australia drivers are using these tyres and they are very happy with the result of them.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my coilovers but i cant decide what do get. I want to get a good set that are good for drifting. I'm currently looking at the Tein HE Drift Spec coilovers (http://www.pp-oz.com/), Has anyone used these coilovers? if so what do you think of them? As well can you guys recommend something. Thanks.
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