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  1. For sale: 2x Garrett GT2860R -7 (R34 N1 GTR) turbos. Removed from my 34 GTR after approx 20,000km and replaced with -5's. Turbo specs: - Direct Replacement Twin Turbo Kit - Internal Wastegates Included - T25 Turbine Inlet Flange - Standard T25 Oil Drain Flange - Unique Compact Turbine Housing (5 Bolt Outlet) - High-Nickel (Ni-Resist) Cast Turbine Housing - Inconel Cast Turbine Wheel - Oil & Water Cooled Ball Bearing System - Rated at 320HP Each (640HP Combined) - Genuine Garrett Parts Technical Information: - Turbo: 707160-7 Compressor Specifications: - Ind: 44.5mm - Exd: 60.0mm - Trim: 55 - A/R: 0.42 Turbine Specifications: - Wh Dia: 53.8mm - Trim: 62 - A/R: 0.64 Retail price $2,899 from Just Jap. Will take $1,200 for the pair.
  2. If we're talking April, I'd be available from 14th - 20th.
  3. That's a shame.... who is keen to organise a meet and greet, social event anyway? Pretty much exactly the same as what would have happened with this, except this time not at a workshop? Perhaps we could occupy the public bbq area at either Mullaloo Scarborough beach?
  4. I'm interested in coming along for the social side of things, however I won't need time on the hoist. I'm a 2/1 FIFO worker, so hopefully it falls on my weekend at home! The next Sunday I will be home is April 17
  5. Welcome to the forum mate! I spent 5 years living in Karratha from about 2007, but these days it's changed so much I barely recognise the place whenever I go back. How long have you been with Rio? I'm out at West Angelas these days. Nick
  6. Can you put me down for 2 as well please? One of each size Cheers
  7. I wish this had been discussed a couple of months ago. I recently bought a Kakimoto Hyper Full Mega N1, supposedly 90mm throughout. Upon inspection when it arrived, it was stepped down going into the centre muffler, yet maintained the 90mm external dimensions. Fitted the exhaust anyway and even without dyno results, I can tell you that performance has been choked up. The turbos aren't spooling as quickly and I'm not nearly making as much power. Very disappointing
  8. Thanks mate, that .jpeg doesn't load properly though?
  9. Hey guys, Would someone mind fasting this vin please? BNR34-002296 Cheers :-)
  10. Up for sale is a cat back titanium exhaust to suit a BNR34 - $250 It's in pretty good condition, but it's crazy loud. So loud in fact I've just replaced it with a Kakimoto Full Mega because it's was starting to annoy my neighbours. Dimensions shown in photos. External pipe diameter 80.55mm, internal pipe diameter 77.77mm, tip size 107.49mm. There are absolutely no restrictions throughout. Standard BNR34 suspension in good condition - $150 Located in Perth, however I'm happy to ship at buyer's expense. Cheers, Nick 0406 677 386
  11. The rage is subsiding, hahaha. Thank you GTSBoy!
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