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  1. I am guessing the GTSR would make a 997 GT2RS look boring!


    Specs aren't 1/2 bad either:

    995Kg, 780HP and 1050NM

    Here is our base 430hp one taking on a ZR1

    Unfortunately I cancelled my trip last week heading over to Europe to the AC factory on friday :verymad: , as had an change in my business here in Australia.

  2. Awesome!

    Where do I buy some Cobra Gt3 Fan gear?

    Cause I have a new team to cheer!

    Thanks, team gear will come ;-)

    Just to give an idea of the size difference from the AC to the Bentley / Mclaren


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  3. Something a bit left field, thought I would share the massive task we are undertaking in setting up and building a Factory GT3 program for AC Automotive on their 2014 MK VI Cobra. Not everyday you get to peek behind the curtains of a factory program

    As part of their new owners plans motorsport and gt racing in particualr has come up as a way of bringing some attention back to the fact that there are still genuine AC cars being built not everything is a kit car.

    As an aero designer / developer this car has been a bigger challenge than getting the Bentley Brick to be conpetitive, due to the strict rules around what can and can't be modified or changed, however 1 small advantage we have is that this car is tiny compared to the others so what isn't ideal for aero isn't impacting as much.


    Tube frame production car chassis, is unchanged other than the addition of the FIA rollcage and mounting opoints for the transaxel gearbox.

    Most GT3 cars need to go on a large shredding diet to bet down to fighting weight, Given our Cobra is Sub 1 tonne fully fitted out with aircon / radio and leather we have the opportunity to devleop the car with ther weight where it is needed to keep low and central


    Given a "production" rle set we are running GM V8's as per the street car. Our V8 will be a sister engine to the Corvette C7R that has mad a lot of success over the last few years and performed well in the endurance races


    I'm happy to get an Aussie product in with the Albins ST6 found from teh back of a V8 supercar into the read of the cobra. Mated with a OBR control system for paddle shift

    Happy to try and answer any questions and update as the build / development goes on









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  4. The marketing is that they all have to have matching torque curve. But all of that tech info is pretty dumbed down by the time it gets to Larco's whiteboard

    that was in between the pits for 4-9 and 47 as the 7 commentry team were in the middle ( hence the photo in post 109 ) was very tempted to run in an draw on the board

  5. Thats a shame about brake failures.

    Just bad luck I guess, since the brakes and pedal boxes are control. Unless you didn't have enough air ducting. Any teams running water cooling, or has that gone with cotf?

    didn't take any photo's yesterday but we had extra air tubes ect connected to the mirrors going down to the fot well, but i think the damage was done on saturday to everyones feet, check out the pics on Tim Slade's FB page, that's from Saturday's race and he drove with that on the bottom of his foot yesterday

  6. Only short term runs in more open circuits, was very hot at the track with >30C, and out in the concrete jungle the heat radiates

    Engine 10cm closer to the firewall under the new COTF and appears to just be an over site on cabin temps, guess the spaceframe chassis provides less protection than the chassis of old.

    The Merc's weren't expecting to win, minimal testing due to brake failures.

    COTF are all new car, Nissan and Merc need to get their head around the COTF parts and engine, holden and ford just the COTF parts as they have proven engines for the last 20 years.

    Kind of scary to see how easily the cars peel back when in a crash / hit curbs, sunday qualifying had a great example, super slow mo of HRT hitting the chicane and all the pans separating from the car.

  7. What a weekend

    Very stressful on and off the track, just absolutely fantastic to see almost 12 months worth of work come together and hit the track.

    Saturday we hit our first goal, 3 cars at the end of the race ( albeit 1 down quite a few laps ) and no damage. Lots of data gathered over the weekend. issues with the fly by wire throttle on the SP tools car which meant it was pushed off the grid and visited the pits a few times.

    Sunday more electronic throttle issues in the SP car and the HHA car.

    One of the obvious issues with the COTF is the cabin temps, was hearing around 92C in the foot well of 1 car. all 3 of our drivers have burns / heat blisters covering their feet. visited Dave Wall and the soles melted off his shoes and drove from around lap 50 with no sole just the shoe's inner materials

  8. Can confirm that this moment was very awkward for everyone in the Erebus pits.

    CH 7 asked everyone to be out of the pits after the start when everyone was standing there eyeballing him lol, did managed to move the sptools banners around behind shane though before we went out.


  9. Nissan having issues re fuel economy, so down on HP and bad economy. Nissan have some work to do.

    Looking forward to tomorrow and the new challenges but already absolutely emotionally and physically drained after the last 3 days, been a long 12 month from concept to race grid

  10. I think a brand/team finishing in 11th in a brand new car with a brand new/unfamiliar car/engine is absolutely outstanding actually.

    We were happy to have all 3 cars finish... even if one was 15 laps down. We aren't "too" far off the pace but in a series where the difference between 1st and 20th is less than 1 second being a little off the pace is a bad thing

    Huge issues with the COTF cabin and temps with nearly 1/2 the field having burns on their feet ( all 3 erebus guys and Dave Wall next door all had burns / blisters from the heat ) (pic of dave's shoes below after the race, entire sole melted onto the pedals )


  11. Hmmm Merc spills its guts and nearly catches fire :unsure:

    No Nissan or Merc in the top 10 qualifying but still have the Nissans mid pack with under a second off the pace so should make for a good weekend of racing!

    Nearly... but didn't thats the important thing :-)

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