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  1. Sarcasm is my super power! Cheers for that, thought it would be on one of the many SAU NSW facebook pages. Should really consolidate those one day...
  2. Luckily Facebook.com is such a small site that they're easy to find! little help?
  3. Any photos of the green thing? That doesn't get thrown around very often, would love to see it!
  4. I think I'll be in, probably with + a few. I'll float the idea today
  5. Both my cars are coming, also S15 +R35 +R31 +about 3 more cars
  6. Appreciate the pics guys keep em coming if you got em! Some good pics there!
  7. man.. my car is ALMOST in a couple shots! I want to see the vid!
  8. There were some very nice cars out today! Kind of made me want to bring the gater out
  9. yes yes, very safely... we didn't start the fires
  10. hmmmm need to move the camera further away next time
  11. My Skylines will be parked for this event. My favourite club exec wants to see my new green car so I'll bring that along. Don't hate the outsider! I may be late to the first meet point, or I may just never wake up! I don't finish til late tonight sadly.
  12. I may pop along to this... as to which car to bring, first world problems
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