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  1. I still have the stock transmission cooler installed, just by pass the hose going through the bottom of the radiator. Right now is the ATF will go through the stock ATF cooler to cool down and back to the gearbox directly.
  2. Thanks Steve for you reply So it is mainly for "warming up" and it is important for COLD area, for HOT area like Hong Kong, by passing it should have no harm done to the gearbox, right?
  3. Just to share my experiences Saw from website that some Japanese skyliners had changed the GTR34 brake cylinder (Part Number: 46010-AA320) to their GTTs and have great improvements, and I decided to give it a try. I got the part from Nissan Japan directly during my trip to Japan last week, the price is 22,300 yen. FYI, I am using stock Nissan brake calipers with DBA4000 brake disc and ACRE light sport 0-500c brake pad. I got it change today and the feeling is great! The brake power had been increased, not dramatically, but you can really feel that the brake is now more stiff and REAL. No need to step on the brake pedal as deep as before to provide the same braking power. I can feel the great difference expecially when I am going fast and downhill. I am 100% satisfied with the modification. No need to cut or wield or anything, just detach the old one and install the new one, that's it! GTR34 brake cylinder Original GTT brake cylinder GTR34 vs GTT brake cylinder GTR34 brake cylinder installed
  4. Hi all! My name is Calvin and I am from Hong Kong. I am driving a R34 GTT with auto gearbox. Thanks Maxx for introducing this great forum to me! I read some posts regarding ATF cooler (Sydneykid is very pro!), and I would like to share my experiences and get some opinions also. When I change the radiator to FWIN 2 layers type, I purposely chose a M/T type, w/o the part for the ATF to go through. For 2 reasons, one is because it is cheaper (LOL) and another reason is because I think it is kind of useless in HOT country like Hong Kong. Right now, the ATF goes to the ATF cooler directly and goes back to the gearbox. In my personal view, it is for warming up and to avoid the ATF temp drop below working temparature. Since Hong Kong is very hot and a lot traffic jams, I think "warming up" and "keeping" will not be a concern. That's why I chose to bypass it. What are your opinions? Thanks!
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