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  1. Thanks r32skyline_89, its worth considering... i guess the question is is there anyway to test an AFM to see if its working? but atleast replacing it cant cost nearly as much as experimenting with replacing 6 coils... did the R33 AFM plug directly in?
  2. Hi... my R32 GTST is buggered and i could really do with some advice... It all started a week ago when a water pipe at the back of the engine blew and before i knew it i had totally cooked the car... (burning oil, stalled the works... i know im an idiot and should have noticed but temp gauge doesnt rise when theres no water in it...) anyway few days at the mechanics a new water hose, new oil and oil filter and the thing was idling nicely and not overheating. took it for a drive and the as soon as it hit 3000RPM it started misssfiring badly! Changed all 6 plugs... checked the coils, one was cracked and it was replaced... Problem is its still missfiring! Now my mechanic wants to try replacing all 6 coils... ouch $895 for parts alone... and theres no gaurantee that it will fix the problem! Is there anything else it could be? Is there another step to try before going down the road of spending $900? Has anyone had any experiences with simillar problems? any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.
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