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  1. i am going down to alice springs from katherine for the finke race. i was wondering if there are any fellow skyline owners down there that know of any safe places i can leave the r33 for a night or two. i wont be checking this page for a week so dont think im an ignorant #$%^ for not replying. boost on!!!
  2. same thing happened to me, left rear shock too. you could see oil leaked out of it everywhere. i got a second hand shock and spring for $90. it made so much difference. give your car a shake from each corner, if it keeps shaking for a couple of seconds after you stop then the shock on that corner is probably buggered.
  3. no im just never quite sure. ive got 550kms off a tank before the light has come on before. i wonder what you could get if you really stretched it?
  4. Does anyone know approximatly how much fuel is left in the tank when the fuel light comes on in an r33?
  5. not after any thing in particular yet, just wondering what the situation is like up there when you need parts. Do you mean you are going to japan to get parts? beacause i will be looking for a 3" exhaust soon, cost? i guess i will see you all on the road in a few weeks, keep your eye out for a silver r33 with nsw plates rock on!!!
  6. cheers man, I left Darwin 10 years ago, i cant wait to see what has changed. is there any places to get parts in darwin, or do you get them freighted up from adelaide?
  7. hey there, Im moving up to katherine in a few weeks and im bringing the skyline. can you buy optimax or bp ultimate there? or any premium at all? i cant wait to hit the border and really floor it!! (till i hit the speed limiter)
  8. it goes back over to your inlet pipe on the other side of the throttle body. it is there so at idle when the throttle is shut air is sucked through this pipe to feed the engine, from memory it joins where the inlet pipe bends to go over the top of the engine. Hope this helps. regards..
  9. Is there much gain in fitting a larger than 3" exhaust? I saw in speed magazine they did a tuners guide for the rb25det. a lot of the shops they talked to said they fit 90mm exhausts. Does anyone reckon it would be worth the extra expense? Lifes short, boost hard.......
  10. No no one said it was bad. It just is a hell of a lot louder when the bonnet is up, obviously. but in the manual for the alarm it said it should be mounted on the fire wall pointing down. Not a lot of room there on the r33, I could move it to there but i am a bit scared of drilling thru the fire wall into some wiring or something. it just seems where it is the sound is muffled by everything in the engine bay. I thought it would be louder if the sound was bouncing straight of the ground underneath the car maybe?? Any ideas??
  11. Hey all!!! Just wondering where your siren is for your alarm? I have an r33 and the noodle that fitted the alarm put the siren in the drivers side shock tower, pointing down towards the front of the engine. In this position it doesnt seem very loud, i am lucky to hear it go off from inside my house. the alarm is a rhino maybe all rhinos are quieter???
  12. there is a plug just above the key barrel under the plastic cover. Just unplug it. it is as simple as that. the chimer also tells you when you have left the lights on so dont bother looking for the chimer. i unplugged mine because it is bloody annoying if you want to blast your stereo with the doors open.
  13. I would have to agree that the stock bov leaks at idle. The first thing i did when i got my car was vent the stock bov to atmo, and blocked the return hose. the car idled terribly. I thought about this for a long time and the only explanation is the one gtst gave. Back at the beginning of the thread someone said that the bosch bov had to be plumbed back, why? because it also leaks at idle? My friend has a turbo gemini with a bosch bov and it is real loud. It idles fine, is this because it has microtech (MAP sensor instead of AFM)? Fluttering sound is bad. It may sound cool to some but it sounds like turbo damage to me.
  14. RGS are you talking about brackets or the shelf to go under cd player?
  15. i have a totally stock r33 and i thought id try this. it did bugger all to improve performance. on a cold wet night in 3rd gear loaded up from 60k to 150kph the factory boost guage went to halfway between 0 and 7 and stayed there right until redline. the next day i put the hose with the restrictor back on and did the same thing on the same road (still a cold wet night). the boost guage showed the same thing until 5000rpm when it crept up a bit furtherpast half way and really started to thrust. this thread is probably dead and buried but id thought i might tell of my experience. just boost on and love it!!!
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