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  1. blah_blah

    Not bad aye
  2. blah_blah

    Scotty now works full time in a different field so not sure if he's still offering products.
  3. blah_blah

    Day one of SEMA and Garrett have unveiled the new G42 1200 and G42 1450 respectively with new turbine wheel and aero plus stainless steel turbine housing. These will be available in Australia next year, pricing is yet to be confirmed.
  4. blah_blah

    At PAX nah. Got a baby due this weekend. But know all the blokes competing and some ex teammates. 1st prize is tickets and accomo to Dreamhack Europe to compete for $200k
  5. blah_blah

    Pretty sure i have one in the garage somewhere
  6. blah_blah

    Ayyyy ill be there Saturday
  7. blah_blah

    Anyone going to this? If so come by and say hello ill be competing in Quake
  8. blah_blah

    Yup this is why now i never do any work on the car and pay someone else to do it I also use Airtasker for gardening lol
  9. blah_blah

    How about an AMG 45 I have 2 mates that have bought one in the last few weeks
  10. blah_blah

    Is your car lowered leigh?
  11. blah_blah

    Potential $1,050 fine for your late lodgment. Also group certs are legally supposed to be given to you by 14th July.
  12. blah_blah

    Different games different skill sets, i spose. I'm just passing on information i've heard on podcasts re eports. But as an example re skill caps within Quake. The current iteration of Quake re 'Quake Champions' is regard a lower skill cap then 'Quake Live' A few of the top guys at Quake Live are no longer at the top in Quake Champions. So even though its an easier game the old quake champs haven't dominated the new game. Quake champions is still early access but each time an 'update' comes out re changes to spawn times/health armor stacks/weapon and champion balances, it causes a slight shift in gameplay and from that players comment the game is either easier/dumber or harder to learn (thus lowering and increasing the skill cap of the game).
  13. blah_blah

    Have a listen to some of the Esports commentators/historians i.e Thorin/2gd/DDK both agree Quake has the highest skill cap of FPS and Starcraft for RTS. Or someone like Rapha/Dahang/Team liquid in regards to the contribution of individual skill ceilings in team environment FPS games. Who played top tier Quake/overwatch Just my 2 cents Disclaimer: When im talking about competitive quake not referring to pub FFA/TDM they are just brain dumb modes for fun but referring to competitive Duel/2v2 At the end of the day just play game you enjoy regardless of what it is. Some ppl play hard games and they just get angry/tilted, and you gotta think whats the point of playing something that makes your angry/tilted.
  14. blah_blah

    So Greg, When we having a game of quake? 😘
  15. blah_blah

    What FPS do you consider has the highest skillcap of FPS games? From an esports pov at the moment Quake - Solo/TDM CS/Overwatch - Team Those would be the top 3 of Esports FPS. With Quake a fair margin above CS/overwatch in regards to skill ceiling cap.