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  1. I pretty much had the same result as this
  2. Yeah that black krinkle looks nice! Whats the specs on that? TBH the JDL kit is crap the only thing i got from that thats still on the car was the rear guards. Every other piece is bits and bobs from other places
  3. Not sure sorry i imported from UK and pretty sure they stopped after my one as shipping was too much
  4. Thanks! I've already updated link for old photos for as much as i can if anyone that was ready old posts in this thread. Some might be out of order though
  5. RB25DET Neo Built Motor Hypergear ATR45 IWG stock location E85 Still got the FMIC with return flow piping
  6. So one night decided to put the car on the roller dynos for fun. Found out the car was leaning out due to the new airbox. Was also running out of fuel and couldnt lower the boost as the actuator was a 19 or 20psi one and was running at minimum boost. So now got duel walbro fuel pumps and a Link G4 ecu. Need to get a new BOV as the current one is leaking. Car still runs on the 5 year old bush bearing Hypergear ATR45 internally wastegaated stock position. E85. Before the airbox it was ~360rwkw on a roller dyno and ~380rwkw on a hub. (racepace and trents dyno) So about +60rwkw.
  7. + 1 i have the NPC clutch runnings about 380rwkw for 5 years Feels good and still going
  8. Nice, hows the lag and transient response feel with the new EFR turbo? Any plans for E85?
  9. Nice! Can we some some more details? Stock manifold? Internal gate? If so any issues with Install? Could the car take any more boost? Also how does the EFR feel like to drive compared to the previous turbo? keep it up!
  10. Yeah get some aftermarket gauges for piece of mind. I used to hit ~130c after 2 laps of Sandown when the car was stockish Last time after an aftermarket oil cooler (drivers side duct) it would be about 105c from memory
  11. This could help: https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-3/turbocharger-flanges/manifold-adaptor-t3-v-band-gt30-gt35-g25-efr-detail
  12. Scotty now works full time in a different field so not sure if he's still offering products.
  13. Day one of SEMA and Garrett have unveiled the new G42 1200 and G42 1450 respectively with new turbine wheel and aero plus stainless steel turbine housing. These will be available in Australia next year, pricing is yet to be confirmed. https://www.facebook.com/GCGTurbosAust/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARBjacV7wG2nImRs247yR4OIQWNGQzawsgn9Nh5Q0DiNuf8l661e8PnE92xc6mLc6PblK3OBaFHPbTNm
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