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  1. Richmond98

    Hello All recieved an email today informing me my current tracking device will soon be outdated and no longer work. Apparently it’s $380 or so for a new device. Can anyone recommend a good tracking device. Ideally I’d like to be able to shut the vehicle off remotely if it was to be stolen. This feature was missing from my current setup. Yes I know it might be unsafe to shut a vehicle off while it’s moving, but if it had to happen it would be done whilst stationary and I think it would be a better resolution then following ya vehicle waiting for it to come to a stop. anyway any recommendations.....
  2. I’ve had a few looks myself. There is the odd site that looks like they supply them but it appears they get 33s and 34s mixed up. As they list them to fit 33 GTTs for example.
  3. Richmond98

  4. Richmond98

    Do you have the full wiring harness? I’m ordering one at the moment. Looks like it runs right down to the drivers seat and plus in down near there.
  5. Richmond98

    Hooked mine up yesterday with the black as the earth. It blew the air out the sides and sucked through the top.
  6. Richmond98

    Also interested in what it set you back. Was it just a spray or a bit of body of work too? Im looking to get mine sprayed in the future and there are a few small dent to fix.
  7. Richmond98

    Bump, bumb, bump it up
  8. G'day Just wondering if someone can help me out, I want to purchase a standard R33 exhaust. Happy to come pick it up. Im located in Ballarat Victoria. So im happy to travel to melbourne etc to pick it up. So let me know what you have got.
  9. Richmond98

    Well long story short. This lady hit my car. Not alot of damage but they did something to the Air conditioner. They replaced the fan and took the radiator out. Anyhow I had the car back for like 3 days. And on my way home from work on like a 40 degree day. It started pissing smoke out from under the bonnet, I though it was on fire for a second. So i pulled over and popped the bonnet and the was gas pissing out of that silver container that holds the gas i think. So i wiggled something on top of the unit and it stopped. So i am taking the car back to the workshop tomorrow to get fixed. I just need some info on how the aircon works in a 1996 R33 gtst. I have read a few topics. What sort of gas should really be used for my car? Could have they put the wrong gas in the car after the repair? because i read that some gases eat the seals. I dont think they changed the gas over when it got imported to australia.
  10. i dont smoke. but i wouldnt mind one of these
  11. Richmond98

    i was thinking about making one. sounds like a lot of hard work. might just pay to get one. I like the idea of painting it black too.
  12. rear wiper or when you have your wipers on the first setting. so push it down one. it adjusts your speed. depending on what knob ya talking about.
  13. How come i dont have this switch. Someone post up pics. I was extra features in my car.
  14. Richmond98

    maybe just try and take the intercooler off and make it look stock again.
  15. Richmond98

    Make it look as stock as possible. like paint intercooler and pipeing black, stock looking heat shield etc. Plus if you get pulled over and they ask what mods you have done to your car. act dumb