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  1. Link for R33 Guide - http://www.30dad.com/2011/07/nissan-skyline-r33-head-unit.html
  2. The guide is back online, with all original images: http://www.30dad.com/2011/07/nissan-skyline-r33-head-unit.html
  3. I really don't get what people like about HDR. If you want to make it look terrible, just over-use Shadows and Highlights in PS. It's the same result as most HDRs I've ever seen.
  4. Ansel Adams = massive Skyline fan.
  5. Without hijacking the thread too much... I see you're President now...congratulations. I've been well, I do lurk around SAU occasionally, but true it's been quite a while since I came along to an event. I'll set a goal of attending at least one meeting or event in 2009. Tuesday just seems to be the worst day of the week for me to get anywhere.
  6. Aren't the shots posted the second time a lot clearer simply because they have been resized? One of the reasons I rarely post shots above 800px resolution. My experience on motion shots: 1) If you're rig mounting, stability is critical. Drive (or better still, push) slowly on a smooth surface with a long exposure (in seconds that is) 2) If you're shooting car to car put your camera on rapid fire on a slowish speed (fraction of a second) and find the 1 sharp shot from the 100 you took. Great work, and always remember all the pros you mentioned earlier started out the same way - experimenting and testing. Get used to the feedback (positive or negative) - people love to give it! Not to mention advice, you didn't ask for.
  7. PS. Chains are very important - just ask this guy (up to Mt Baw Baw 17/08/08)
  8. Just put chains on the rear wheels and take it easy. Stay in Second whenever you're on the snow/ice - even when taking off. As soon as you've driven the first 10m with chains you'll know what you're dealing with. I just bought some Konig chains for this season - if you get the correct size they won't scratch your rims (they barely touch them). One thing to note however is the clearance from guards/suspension, if the car is excessively lowered or has extra wide rims forget it.
  9. Great shots there mate, what is lighting the skater in those shots? They're brilliant.
  10. NS2500


    Your 3rd shot, brilliant.
  11. Congratulations, looks great dude. Let's hook up for a shoot soon.
  12. It's all out there, just have to look for it.
  13. That's a pretty cool idea. I wonder if you would get tired putting vertical tension on the thing all the time though. The other common idea is to have a little bean or rice filled bag handy, but that won't always get you to eye level.
  14. Yeah, but if you never try...
  15. My father's got a Sigma and it seems like a decent enough Flash. It's done the job whenever he's needed it. BTW, I'd forget about the 24-105, grab the 10-22mm and a nice 50mm instead.
  16. I used one of these: A couple of these: And a stick in the middle, very simple. And not recommended! Almost lost the camera on one occasion...
  17. Here's my first attempts at proper rig shots. Some of the editing is a bit dodgy though...
  18. On closer inspection there are strong shadows so maybe a diffuser wasn't used on the speedlight. I would have used one though.
  19. That shot was definitely taken with a speedlight, with a dome/diffuser on it so that it didn't create harsh shadows. Rear/slow sync was also used as you can see it has exposed the shot for maybe 1/4 second (it has softened/blurred a little in the background) and then "snapped" the subjects in the foreground. Shooting without a speed light wouldn't look as "pleasing" - in all senses of the word.
  20. NS2500


    I use suction mounts, but a lot of people use clamps, or magnets. It all depends on the kind of shot you're looking to get.
  21. How much modding would you really do to an N/A? Headunit is a JVC KW-XG706, nothing special cost me about $350.
  22. Yeah I saw that, unfortunately already have commitments. Sounds like a great night for it too!
  23. Yeah, it's auto & even better - N/A! Purely for show. I'm shooting exclusively Canon nowdays - 350D/40D. Very happy with the switch.
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