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  1. Price drop $2000 with or without tyres, due to tyre manufacture date 1012
  2. Added a photo of wheels on the car for context, for the people wondering the Matte colour of wheels is genuine ADVAN and the RRP is A$800 per wheel new
  3. Hey, For sale due to fitting a new set of 19” to my 34R. All four wheels are ADVAN Racing RS-D 18x10+25 with stud pattern of 5x114.3 so they will fit Skylines and Evo’s etc, they come wrapped in Yokohama AD08 265/35/18r with good even tyre depth remaining approx 70%. All wheels are 100% structurally sound with two minor blemishes on lip shown in pics. Wheels are located in Tas, I can organise safe postage at buyers expense. Asking $2500 Any questions please ask! Thanks.
  4. Hi mate, could I grab a delivery quote to 7320 cheers
  5. I have a yellow one in great condition, minus the mesh and badge, if you can't find a complete one.
  6. Does it matter on colour for GTR grill
  7. All pm's replied too. Location Tasmania 7320 Stud pattern 5x114.3
  8. EOI - Brand new Rays Volk TE37 SL 19x10.5+12 Hi all, Brand new genuine Rays Volk TE37 SL 19x10.5+12. Pressed graphite colour, red stickers and red valves still in packaging also new Rays lug nuts M12xP1.25. Everything unused fully boxed, opened for the photos, these wheels don't need an introduction, they speak for themselves! $3800 PM for more information or better pics ? Cheers.
  9. Kinda, the way I wrote it.. If I change what I'm after and decide I don't want to modify a vs2, then a nur might be a next option and leave it standard to keep its value, then Huy's would be ideal... I have already contacted Iron Chef too. Ta.
  10. C'mon members, there must be a black vs2 in Aus? I've seen every other colour for sale!
  11. Is there no Black VS2's for sale in Australia
  12. Agree with what your saying, I'm not going to argue there haha P.M's replied too, Thanks!
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