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  1. Interested in a lap dance?
  2. Up for sale is my Acer Aspire 5741G notebook. Selling due to upgrade. The laptop is in great shape with speeds that can also play most of the latest games. The F10 button has fallen off, but other than that it's in excellent condition. Buyer will not be disappointed. Specs are as follows; Intel Core i5 2.4Ghz 4Gb DDR3 RAM 350Gb HDD 1Gb Nvidia Geforce Graphics Card DVD Burner Wifi capable Webcam Bluetooth Windows 7 HDMI Output Protective case provided The price is negotiable. Unreasonabe offers will be ignored. Thanks.
  3. I actually thought it said $600 - I was going to ask if you're on crack Sorry about that
  4. You've had it up here for nearly 2 months, and obviously the ebay and gumtree with no luck I see. look I have 500 in my pocket, and I'll take you out to dinner and take a few photos of us if you'd like? Just saying
  5. I think you'll have some luck on ebay, although people on there can be a little picky when it comes to pricing...
  6. Oh my, cracky pants...Having a sense of humor really doesn't hurt mate, afterall it does make the forum a little more enjoyable. You should try and smile sometime, might make you feel a little better
  7. Hi peeps, I have my 14.1 inch HP Pavilion DV2000 up for sale as I’ve got myself a new one and have no use for this one anymore. I’ve had this for just over 2 years and have NEVER had a problem. I’ve bought a bigger battery for it a year ago (9 Cell) which has been working like a charm ever since. The only thing that it needs is a fresh Window install. I’m negotiable on the price, but please don’t low blow. The Specs: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.40GHz Installed Ram: 3GB Hard Drive: 300GB I'm looking for or around $300. Thanks
  8. when does the price start getting reduced?
  9. Do you have gold ones? If you do, hook a brother up - yallah...
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