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  1. Yeah but isn't there some sort of fuel cut built into the ECU that prevents too much boost being run? I would expect that value to be reached before the absolute output limit of the AFM. For example the JZ MAP sensor reads up to 5V, but the ECU hits fuel cut at 4.3V.
  2. Thanks. 5.1 is the max resolution of the AFM isn't it? What is the max voltage the ECU sees before it hits the fuel cut? Sorry for the confusion.
  3. What is the max AFM voltage the RB20-25DET stock ECU will allow before the fuel cut is initiated, and is this value dependent on RPM as well? Thanks.
  4. WTB 16x7 or wider wheels 4 stud. QLD
  5. Hey mate what happened to you? We arranged a time for me to get the brakes from your house, and you weren't there when you said you would be, and you seem to have vanished of the face of the earth! You phone number isn't working either. I hope you are OK! If you don't want to sell the brakes anymore just let me know.
  6. Hey mate, you still got the brakes? I am keen for the front calipers and rotors. I assume they are twin piston and 4 stud?
  7. Sucks about the pics. Oh well, here is a vid of it on the dyno.
  8. I went to the Supra club dyno day and only came second to a GT42 powered Supra and beat some big dollar manual cars with bigger turbos cams and forged internals!!!! And my setup is as dodgy and ebayed up as they come! 476.3 rwhp 355 rwkw. This really exceeded my expectations. The winner with 670 odd hp had dynoed @ 750odd previously.
  9. Yeah its obvious the best looking skyline is a Oz spec two tone 4 door GXE with rust and dents. PIC
  10. Just dug this thread up. I didn't expect to actually find any more decent info, just more bullshit! Thanks Daniel for providing the figures. Very interesting.
  11. Car now runs a GT35 and does 12.1 @ 124mph. Reason for the crap ET is the stock torque converter and subsequent 2.35 second 60 foot time. I will be chasing 10's soon with a bigger converter as it now has the balls for a 10 second pass as the 124mph trap speed suggests. Pic
  12. What does a decent auto R32 go for these days? And what are the tallest diff gears you can find cheaply?
  13. Nor am I. Just wanted to go fast for cheap and be a bit different:) Seemed like a good way of doing it. Might upgrade to a R32 and whack my driveline in that
  14. The performance VS price says it all
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