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  1. i didnt think it was even possible to get wastegate flutter. I think you may be meaning an external wastegate? if the car was really loud going past while on boost, it would be that. its a screamer pipe that goes onto the wastegate. this is illegal to have, but on the right setup it sounds good.
  2. My vote would go towards the GT40. They have the history behind them, they have power, they look awesome and they are not like assholes where everyone has one. sure they arent the best car for handling etc, but there is no perfect car. coming close second would be the Revention.
  3. as long as the compressor wheel has minimal shaft play id say it should be fine. It should all come down to the build quality of the turbo. If its an ebay turbo then use at your own risk. Where did you get the turbo from?
  4. I did the same thing with mine, just from paranoia I used 2 hose clamps.
  5. lineskee 33

    Stolen Parts

    im sorry to hear. i hope you have reported this to the cops. nice custome oil return you have there.
  6. it should go in the exact same way your normal shifter goes in. just remove what you can to take the stock shifter out, then repeat the process in reverse putting the short shifter in. Just the rings holding in the shifter (or whatever they are called) are sometimes a bastard to get out thats all.
  7. Whatever happened to Autosalon? I dont remember there being the Gold coast one this year. I seemed to think it has been going downhill as each year goes by.
  8. how loud is the howl? do you think the timing belt or any of the other auxilary belts could be too tight?
  9. No he doesnt want to touch it. Sorry mate, i thought u had the newer model of the greddy ebc. with the profec B you just adjust the gain until the boost stops dropping off. Are you able to increase the overboost value so that it doesnt kick in?
  10. im putting my money on it being the EBC. especially if it is a greddy, I have a mate with the exact same symptoms at the moment. It shouldnt be the wastegate unless u are running stupid amounts of boost through the car. And if it is the actuators sticking the wastegate shut, shouldnt the boost be creeping up not down? Id say put on a manual boost controller, test to see if it changes how the car drives, and if it is the EBC then look up how to properly tune the EBC. There are threads in here somewhere.
  11. I am extremely interested in doing this and I have a question or two. For a start, for the people who have done this, has anyone had any issues with boost leak? How do you seal the AFM element? Is the electronic/ circuit board part exposed to the vacuum/boost conditions? Secondly has there been any improvement in driveability? if you have had hunting issues in the past, has this helped fix the issue?
  12. sounds like the boost controller to me. have a play with the gain on the EBC.
  13. easy solution is to just get a hicas lock bar and remove the worry all together. Remove the hicas light out of the dash and regularly check your power steering fluid to make sure its topped up. I read somewhere a very long time ago, and I dont know if this applies to the newer models of HICAS where they dont use the powersteering fluid to work, but apparently if there is an Air bubble in the lines (or if it wasnt bled properly) that could possibly trigger the warning light. In saying that, try bleeding the powersteering fluid properly and see how you go.
  14. Mate that is a residential address, does this person operate out of their home? or is there a shop?
  15. Hmm i have never heard of them. And im from Wynnum unfortunately. If you are after a shop in Wynnum, there is still JDM garage, Godzilla motorsports, Millenium, etc etc.
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