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  1. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2017 SMP Easter It's on again Nissan Datsun Nationals 15th - 17th April, Easter Time, Monday 17th is the track day at Sydney Motorsport Park, also Show and Shine, Track Cruise and Skid Pan A great event and it is on every 2 years. For the first time it is on at SMP. See here for more. www.NDN17.com JP_Video.mp4
  2. Good to see you are still keen. You have it so may as well use it.
  3. UAS just built with forged pistons and rods, bigger sump, etc... Check out the photos!
  4. Yes unfortunately John was in the slower group, which was most of the problem. Assuming demand is high, maybe the organisers should rule out those with slow cars, piloted by drivers with very little experience, for the benefit and safety of all??
  5. Hi everyone, this is an in car video of a very experienced gun driver, John Boston, from Trackschool, driving one of our customers R32 GTR at WTAC last weekend. This is a great example of how you should drive if you ever go to the track, whether if its a super sprint track day or especially if its in a big event like WTAC. It shows common sense courtesy which doesn't appear to be that common in real life, which is a shame, constantly looking in his mirrors, making sure he doesn't get in the way of a car on a hot lap. He then gets in the groove and positions himself to try and get a clear lap for himself only to be held up on the second last turn by a car that did not appear to be looking in his mirrors and not on a hot lap either. Furthermore on the second lap he was further held up by cars seemingly doing their own thing driving slow on the race line, so he pulls out of the lap. Keep in mind, it's not only a safety issue; some people spend a lot of money and time to prep their car to try and get a good lap in and makes it so hard when others are getting in the way. This should be a training video for next years WTAC and any other future track days and events. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_6K4bHOmCM
  6. I thought is was a great show. Lots of prangs, and brocken cars and oil downs,hard to avoid and cleaned up pretty fast. Some highly strung cars though, so expected.
  7. Here's the link to our new website. http://www.uniqueautosports.com.au/gallery/project-unique-zed.aspx Won't be going to WTAC this year, it's just out of our budget at the moment. We'll be there though helping and watching, keen as!
  8. These look awesome! How much wider are they, and are these actual pics of the guards to fit R32 GTR? Do they have more clearance for extra lowered cars as in John's car now has the option to go lower as the roll centres are raised?
  9. They are a very precise item and if done correctly they are ok, but these ones were clearly not. Keep in mind when tuning a Skyline you are measuring air fuel ratio of a combination of six injectors. One could be very lean and you may not know. If in doubt get them tested.
  10. These are just factory injectors that have been modified.
  11. We suspect backyard Bob modified these side feed injectors to flow more. The problem is that they don't flow very even as per report, although there is more to it, as it is hard to see in the picture but they are all in different rotation, or sequence, in reference to the injector plug location. The flow test showed even worse as not matched very well and they also did atomise very well, more like jets and pointing in different directions. See picture of one of the injectors magnified showing uneven hole size and spacing.
  12. Yes the clutch exploded only, although the factory cast iron flywheel are dangerous for big hp and big launches, as they may flex or explode. One piece billet Chrome Molly are best if using a single plate or a 7 1/4 inch twin plate, like Tilton. Nismo, Extreme, OS Giken ect also are billet steel. I am pretty sure for 10 second or faster cars ANDRA require a billet flywheel as well as a 6mm scatter plate around the bell housing. In my race car I have a custom Chrome Molly Nitrided flywheel to suit the 16mm bell housing adapter and a Tilton 7 1/4 Rally clutch, btw clutch and flywheel combined only weighs just over 9kg. I also run a anti heat anti scatter ex Nascar blanket, over the tunnel inside the car.
  13. Benm had similar experience, although worse as his flywheel exploded and did far more damage. I remember seeing pics of this R32 anyone have link to pics?
  14. Yes exactly, if it did it would have written the car off.
  15. As a warning. This is what happens when you have a extra heavy duty single plate clutch with a standard flywheel (suspect it to be second hand) and a R32 GTR with big power during launches. Yes, we only warned him last week.
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