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  1. bump! back from the dead with another GTR (R33 this time)
  2. Amaru

    Who Are You?

    Hey all, Been a long time forum member and recently moved to NYC. Owned an R32 GTR V-Spec back in Australia since the early 2000's, unfortunately had to let it go to move here. Good to see these beats starting to turn up in the US, hopefully I can move somewhere a bit more car friendly than Manhattan in the near future and pick one up.
  3. I am friends with someone fairly senior working out at Dickson motor registry dealing directly with this. Short answer is you will not be granted an UVP for a track car to drive it to/from a circuit. If it's a rally car participating in an event that involves public road you can get an UVP. The differentiation is that rally's are sanctioned events with approval to operate on public roads (or road related areas) and circuits are not. If you need to get your car to the track, buy a car trailer. I've had many arguments with him over a few beers on this subject.
  4. Haha that's why we're so good at what we do Richard. I've finally figured out that you don't plug the USB cord into the network port, who'd have thunk it?
  5. It's my once every 3 years post, and anything to take the attention away from Richard... That dude shits me off to no end...
  6. Spotted white R33 GTSt with white wheels at Lanyon Caltex a few hours ago.
  7. CBF looking for it right now, but it definitely exists and the definition of a road related area includes a publically accessible car park. Mate at work got done about 2 weeks ago - car park out the back of the building which is on private land, but it's connected to a road and publically accessible. Mate did actually seek legal advice and they told him he was out of luck and provided him with the legislation that covers it off.
  8. Westfield management don't know what they are talking about then. ACT legislation allows vehicle inspectors to perform their duties on any road or road related area, including car parks - if the car park is connected to a public road and is not a locked area (e.g. you can walk into it), vehicle inspectors can defect a vehicle in it. Westfield are however correct that ACT Government cannot fine people for parking infringements in private car parks without being permitted/invited by the owner of the car park.
  9. Bit late to the party, but I need to correct some big misinformation here.The Australian Federal Police have two branches effectively - Community Policing (which are the police you see around the ACT enforcing ACT law) and Federal Agents. Federal Agents can only enforce federal law, they cannot enforce state laws such as traffic offences. Community Policing can only enforce the territory they are deployed ins law, e.g. the ACT. ACT Community Policing AFP members are sworn in as "special constables" in NSW where they can pursue and arrest someone that has committed a crime in the ACT into NSW. There are *a lot* of restrictions around this as well. So there are no "Federal cops" that roam around the country defecting cars in any state. AFP can only defect cars in the ACT (or anywhere else they do Community Policing), Federal Agents cannot enforce local state laws (without an invitation to cooperate with that states local police force).
  10. Many years ago there was a guy named Jerry who owned a shop called J-Racing. Jerry had a brother named Johnny who also worked at J-Racing, whom originally owned a pretty cool looking Honda Civic. Johnny got rid of the Honda and started being spotted in a bright orange R33, which became known as the "J-Racing Skyline".Johnny moved to Sydney and worked for Jetspeed, whom J-Racing got a lot of stock from. Hence the questions about "is that the old J-Racing Skyline"? If it was the Jetspeed car then it is indeed the J-Racing Skyline. Nothing bad, just some nostalgia for us older members from "back in the days". Good to see it back in the hands of a respectful owner Edit: and it seems J-Racing still exist purely as a smash repairer and bodykit shop in Fyshwick.
  11. :D is all I have to say. Where abouts you sitting Shell?
  12. 100% out - Melbourne Grand Prix is on this weekend...
  13. Yep - no problems with it thus far and I was driving it like I stole it (and then the clutch let go, doh...)
  14. Bitter much? *ducks* All the work on my car was done at Autotech, but the motor was done by Racepace in Melbourne. Autotech used to get another company to do their engine internal work, not sure if that's the case still though. Give them a call and if they do it in house, I'd give them a shot.
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