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  1. D_I_F

  2. D_I_F

    Christian I have a bloke who does it if you want his deets..
  3. Needs less gay in this thread 😂
  4. D_I_F

    We are not officially going at this state but we're in discussions with this atm. Watch this space :)
  5. D_I_F

    Entered! Day licence required and car number 565 😉
  6. Starting on 7th July, Skylines Australia NSW is starting up our new "Meet & Greet" quarterly General Meeting. Open to all financial and non-financial members, come on down to the Royal Cricketer's Arms Hotel to meet the executive team and fellow members and share some good food, good drinks and to have a few good laughs too! This is the perfect place to put names to faces, have a good old chit-chat and catch up, as well as being an open forum for everyone to find out where our club is at and to bounce ideas off each other for the future of the club! 7th July @ 1.30pm Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel Cnr Reservoir Rd & Cricketers Arms Rd Prospect Facebook Event Link
  7. D_I_F

    Bonjour! Alas Christian he is not.. Perhaps if he lives in France yes, but I know a few Frenchies that are on here that have moved to Aus :)
  8. D_I_F

    No need! Heaps of stock cars, plus it’s just a bit of fun.
  9. D_I_F

    Nice! You’ll have to come out to roll racing at QR!
  10. Stat write off you can’t register at all birds 🙄 They will only put the car on the WOVR unless there’s structural damage.
  11. If you don’t want it written off withdraw the claim. The insurance company is well within its rights to write the vehicle off. The reason they would in this particular case is because they don’t know how thrashed it is and can’t guarantee any repairs. More cost effective to write it off.
  12. D_I_F

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forums! I’m always around that way so give us a wave next time and be sure to check out our NSW section for plenty of events. ☺️
  13. D_I_F

  14. D_I_F

    Have you tried Skyline spares?
  15. D_I_F

    Skyline Festival?