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  1. Speak to Mick at The Impound in Mitchell about finishing off the fabrication stuff.
  2. Just to help your sale, they should fit any commodore from VB right through to VZ.
  3. Could try calling Trojan and see if they have one they can sell you.
  4. Another one was an old bloke who had a heart attack while driving and crashed. The majority of them seem to be related to criminals or unlucky circumstances rather than bad driving.
  5. I would take a guess that the racing part of his portfolio would be the kind with horses and grass.
  6. I have a set of r32 GTST stockies in the shed. no tyres, all rims in good nick. make an offer if you're interested.
  7. There are plenty of different unmarked cars around. wether or not they do traffic duties is another question.
  8. I'd just use the interstate rego and change over to ACT rego around a month before it runs out. You generally get no-where near the amount back that rego costs and there is no late change of ownership fee for an interstate rego car being changed to ACT
  9. You could also ask a suspension shop like Inline as to who they would recommend.
  10. Is the mines computer programmable or just a modified ecu from japan? You will want a progammable ecu for future mods
  11. I always thought that it was illegal to leave a car running and go more than "x" metres away. I also thought that turbo timers had to be hooked up to the handbrake so if you pull it up the timer switches off.
  12. If the other cars are on the outskirts of the display I can't see why they shouldn't participate. As long as all the skylines are together it shouldnt matter
  13. ^^^^ Yep. 4wd turbo from memory. A mate raced against one at WSID in his s4 rx7 and got smashed by it. The magna was stock and ran mid - low 13's.
  14. It's my mates brothers car. Don't think he's on here but
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