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  1. are you guys serious???? Is that you best intructor driving????
  2. Hehehe Duncan You have to think out side the squre when it comes to Skyline's You know I build some insane RB series engines at Hills But my FJ20et donk was originally from a good old DR30 Skyline. They go in really easy as S12's come with FJ's aswell. I know of a few guys running RB26's in S12's but the cars balance is all messed up I don't have IRS in this car as S12 IRS is about as retarted as the old 1600 set up and get's no drive off the 2" of the tread it lays down I run a 4 link live axle has rose jointed chrome molly trailing arms so I can dial in grip by changing the pinion angle I have also made custom towers in the rear to accept the S13 HSD's Funny is I only coverted to disc brake rear 2 days ago as my hydro handbrake burst the wheel cylinders during the top 16 battle in Tassie, I still got through to the top 8 battle but couldn't really do much with a brake clamp on the rear line, But hey I still had a go...
  3. Hi guy's I was just havn a look through the Hills dyno day and other threads Unfortunatly I couldn't make the dyno day as I was in Tassie competeing that weekend. ahwell But I thought I would post a few pics up of my mild mannered racing machine while I'm here. plus I wouldn't mind showing old mate Duncan what my old hack looks like before the new paint and sponsors logos go on BTW it does have a skyline engine in it lol Brian Pics from Symons plains Tassie
  4. Patrick There is some reasons for this happening, It is because you live in a humid climate in QLD, and your system will absorb alot water. The upgrade to braided lines will help pedal pressure and stop from absorbing so much water removal of the baking plates is also a great idea and works well in reducing temps. I would strongly advise moving up to a 660 degree AP racing fluid DBA 4000 series slotted rotors will work well also. It seems you are on the right track and answered your own questions well. Cheers Brian
  5. Thanks Christian No interest in sales. As I'm the Mechanic at V-sport (the sister company to BSM and competition friction)so I don't get a com. on anything sold. So if you need prices direct them to the companies mentioned as if you have looked them up for yourself. I don't get to see much priceing anyway As stated I can help with tech info if needed. B) I work with R&D of race brake systems and do tech support at the race track (Gee works hard). And the fitments of genuine Brembo and AP racing brake kits. the rough ball park figure of the systems pictured is around $10,000 front and rear. Would you mind if i just added a link to the V-sport site to my signature Cheers Brian
  6. Leigh That's a very comon complaint about high friction pads A couple of tricks u can try are. Shamphering the leading and trailing edges off the pad, useing a copper grease between the shims or using galfer anti squeel shims. I use the combination of shamphering and Galfer's anti squeel shims on my drift car as it runs R32GTR front brakes with DS2500 Ferodo racing pads. That did the trick. Brian
  7. Zardos Electricals are tricky one to work out without the car. I think your onto the right track checking the relay. It does sound like a problem that S13's get when lowered and a group of wires coming through the firewall get scrubbed by the wheel causing multiple components to work at the same time. You may have to give me a couple of days to give a more thorough answer concerning the R32 as i'll check with a few mates in the game. If anyone else has had this problem resolved please help Zardos with some info. Brian
  8. WLDCRD I can say that AP kit isn't cheap I would prefer not to talk money on the site without invite from admin to do so But I am happy to talk about the kits or diagnostic questions the front rotors are 362mm x 32mm strap drive floating disc. Latest rotor from AP racing the rear rotors are 332mm x 24mm 1 piece Cheers Brian
  9. Hey guys this is not a add or a shameless plug. I am a full lic. mechanic that is currently working in the high performance brake industry. Apart from that i would be happy to assist with any brake related questions and become part of Skylines Australia community Cheers Brian Here is some pictures of some of the kits i fit to Skylines. front kit fitted to a R32 GTR genuine AP racing rear kit from AP racing This one is a R34 skyline kit from Brembo that has 2 piece rotors front and rear. Brian
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