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  1. BUMP! great car can vouch for it gl with the sale steve alex ps. will have to catch up sometime soon
  2. Link does not work... how about some actuall pics/specs in the forsale thread
  3. How about this you either do 1 of 2 things 1. Go to the workshop, see what they are like, make up your own mind or 2. Don't go there, find somewhere else to have your car tuned IT'S UP TO YOU! But keep in mind, all this shit saying about the place is only doing bad things for them as "varun_gtr" has told us. What if they haven't done anything wrong all we are doing is f**king them over with a purple double ender! So just think about it... From my point of view i dno which owners were the ones that f**ked Phee or which worker or when it happened or ANYTING... so try my 2 options and make up your own mind people! just think "What if they aren't bad anymore and all we are doing is f**king their business up" Imagine being the new owners of a up-untill-recently bad business and no one likes it because of all the shit thats been said on forums! It'd suck ass! I know not many people on forums remember to do this because "its just a website" but f**k! just cause you sit in your room at the PC doesn't mean that what is said doesn't matter Just Think People Please alex www.cruisingbrisbane.com
  4. hey man i have a white R33 bonnet i took it off when i got my carbon fibre one, no damage if u have msn add me a-l-e-x13@hotmail.com
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