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  1. Trent from Chequered Tuning. Book early as he’s a busy man.
  2. Extremely light bonnet. Has been in storage for 6-8 years. Not sure what it is worth so setting price at $700 or an offer in that vicinity. Feedback valued if you have had experiences with this bonnet. Before anyone asks selling because I prefer the stock look. Trial fits welcome if you are willing to do it at my house. Apologies but no pics on the car as I have never personally fitted it myself. Located Eltham.
  3. Priced extremely well and in the hero color too. Should sell quick. Hope it goes to a worthy buyer. Good luck with the sale 👍🏻
  4. WORX automotive in Reservoir. Ask for Kaleel. Does some fantastic work.
  5. Another vote for Chequered. They're extremely busy so will need to be patient and book your car in early. I assure you the outcome is worth the wait.
  6. Thanks BLISTC. I'm definitely sticking with the stockies for now.
  7. I think I found a reliable answer http://blog.amsperformance.com/2009/09/29/more-ams-dyno-testing-data-wg-actuator-results-inside/#more-1274
  8. R35 Stock BOVs Hi all. It appears not as many people post here anymore but I hope someone can give me the right information. At what point will the stock R35 blow off valves need to be upgraded? I am after response and need the BOVs to hold boost. All the information I can find online appear to come from companies such as GFB, Turbosmart etc ?
  9. Price dropped $51 800 negotiable. More pics here: http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/result...al&D=wtf695
  10. Now comes with 19" BBS wheels or OEM 19". Take your pick. Price is $53 000 negotiable.
  11. Bosch 044 external fuel pump with surge tank. Fuel pump holder and custom platform all included. Relay switch also included. Good quality connectors also included. Everything seen in the picture below is included in the price. $300 picked up in Glen Waverley. Call 0421 128 922 if you have any questions.
  12. Yup. This plugs straight in. I just checked Ebay and I can't find anything remotely close to being $600 with handcontroller. I can see plenty around $1000 and over. I also see plenty on this forum posted for over $600 without hand controller. I am firm on $800 now. I don't care if i never sell it.
  13. Model number of the unit is PFC GTR33L. It is compatible with R33 GTR's and also R32 GTR's. Unit still $800 WITH hand controller picked up.
  14. Sell the Power FC for me first and I'll be more than happy to sell you the hand controller for that price
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