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  1. Do the hazard warning lights work? Have you checked / replaced the globe?
  2. No, I think it said that the featured car was one of the 100 imported by Nissan Australia.
  3. https://www.whichcar.com.au/episodes/season-2/behind-the-scenes-nissan-gt-r-anniversary
  4. I´ve often had this problem, it turned out to be a problem in the wires to the back of the front indicator assembly.
  5. I'm running 100W in the high beams, have done for a number of years with no problems. AFAIK, there is only a 55W option for the low beam.
  6. Shouldn't need marks or anything. All you need to do is make sure the bleed nipple is at the top / highest point.
  7. Worst thing for fuel economy in a GT-R is the enormous lump of lead at the end of your right leg. Lighten it off a bit. No need to be red-lining from every set of traffic lights.
  8. Sedan or hatch? I've just got mine going again (hatch) after fixing a broken valve. It was without a battery for several weeks, but fired up and ran fine when it was all back together. In Skylines, poor idle is quite often related to the IACV valve being dirty, could be the same in the Pulsar.
  9. Thanks guys. Ended up doing it myself (Pulsar really isn't worth the expense of professionals).
  10. What about dirty injectors? How would a big dose of injector cleaner go?
  11. Just removed the head from my Pulsar, due to ZERO compression in #4. Found a sliver missing from the edge of one of the exhaust valves. Anyone have experience with Hoppers Heads, or can recommend any other cylinder head repair.
  12. I may be wrong, but I think that is set at about 12.5 BTDC Wide / thick mark is TDC. Pulley is rotating from left to right.
  13. Does everything else work? Lights, audio? Is it only starting that is the problem? If so, it could actually be the starter motor.
  14. A bottle of metho in a full tank will help dissolve any residual water into the petrol. You'll probably end up running E1 (1% ethanol) which shouldn't hurt anything.
  15. Are you running the standard igniter? As they get older they become prone to misbehave when they get hot .
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