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  1. Do you know what fuel pressure you have with the adjustable FPR? Have you tried playing with the fuel pressure? Still running standard RB26 injectors?
  2. The fuels will mix immediately. If you are overly worried, you could pop into your local auto parts store or servo and get a bottle of octane boost and add that to the tank.
  3. It works fine with your friend's M/C installed?
  4. Unfortunately Birds is a bit far away. Anyone closer to Tarneit can help?
  5. Thanks Birds. Where can I pick them up (SMS me - 0421 331 954). I know which 1 has failed, but it feels like a second one is playing up (can eventually get the coil to play ball).
  6. Me again. Another favour. One or more of the coil packs are in the process of failing. Any chance someone has a couple of spares for a S2 RB25DET I could borrow until a new set arrives. TIA
  7. Hi all, hoping for a favour. The other day, my Pathfinder's starter failed - at the local shopping centre. So I need to get it home to fit a replacement starter motor. So wondering if anyone in the west (Tarneit to be precise) can give me a hand with a car and trailer to get the bugger home. TIA
  8. I'm hoping the engine was up to temperature before all this happened.
  9. I had a similar problem with my 32. I inserted a relay to provide battery power directly to the starter solenoid, using the existing starter wire to switch the relay. Don't recall a problem ever since.
  10. Mike, Sorry I haven't spied this earlier. We have a number of GTB enthusiasts in the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club here in Melbourne. If you have trouble finding a buyer, can I suggest you contact Jason Quigg at [email protected]
  11. Fitting an even heavier clutch is going to improve your chances of breaking the gearbox or other driveline component. The clutch needs to act like a fuse - it needs to slip before more power is transmitted further down the drive train. You surely need to strengthen all the other driveline components before you consider upgrading the clutch (fuse). Otherwise, it will be like using a 6" nail as a (house) fuse, and then wondering why the kettle blows up.
  12. Unless the engine is seriously modified, a "7" heat range plug is just WRONG. (Those plugs are recommended for various NA low performance engines). The recommended plug for a GT-R is a PFR6A-11 (although most people tend to use something like BCPR6E). So you need a "6" heat range, and seeing as you have relatively new Splitfire coils, open the gap back out to over 1mm (40 thou). I'll theorise that if one MAF was misbehaving, then you would have different "leanness" indicated in 1 / 2 / 3 compared to 4 / 5 / 6. The old plugs are probably black because they weren't getting up to temperature (usually a result of short trips).
  13. GTRs are notoriously sensitive to voltage. Even if the car can start on the battery, the ECUs might be seeing high charge rates necessary to replenish the battery after starting as some sort of error. Get a new battery.
  14. The A/F ratios sound perfectly average, ie roughly what they should be. It might be possible to tune the full load a BIT leaner. The "slowness" is possibly a function of the bigger / laggier (?) turbo.