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  1. Its only a problem if you change the ratio. Its possible to change the centre (to LSD) and still keep the same gearset, thus retaining the ratio.
  2. "New" or "another" ie second hand? (had a similar problem with my Pathfinder - got second hand starter, and it failed same way in four weeks!) Does it start easier once you get it started and the engine warms up? What is the battery voltage when the engine is running?
  3. When I had a similar problem, turned out the starter motor was rooted. (I think I threw out a perfectly battery pack because it couldn't assist in starting the engine)
  4. You need to get a NEW one. The igniters develop a habit of breaking down when they get hot, then work fine when they cool back down. Then again, 3500 "limit" is MAF problem, IIRC.
  5. Was it a new igniter, or second hand?
  6. AAC / IACV appear to be used interchangeably. According to my Workshop Manual, it is AAC, and the valve under the plenum is Air Regulator.
  7. Air Reg / AAC problems have to be unrelated. AAC is powered by the ECU relay, and the ECU switches to earth thru pin 4.
  8. Well, it appears that it is pretty much working correctly. Upon reflection, the symptoms you describe - poor cold start, poor hot idle - don't seem to mesh. I would start looking at dirty injectors. Try a big chunk of injector cleaner in your next tank of fuel. Have you confirmed that the fuel pressure is ok? Base ignition timing? Water temp sender?
  9. test which terminal has continuity to earth = -ve Easiest to test if you remove it. Look through where the hoses fit. There should be a shutter, and it should be roughly half open at ambient temp. Then apply battery voltage across the terminals - the shutter should fully close (takes several minutes). Check resistance across the terminals - 70 - 80ohms at 20C
  10. Air Regulator (cold start valve) is powered by the fuel pump relay.
  11. FWIW, I'm running 32 GT-R brakes upfront on a 32 GTS4 under 17s
  12. All solved. Reason everything suddenly stopped - I somehow unplugged the connector to the back of the hazard switch! Indicators work fine with a replacement flasher designed for LEDs - SY4018, $14.95 from Jaycar Electronics. (in the "auto" section, not the electronic parts section)
  13. I think I found it - part# 25731 89960. Is this the flasher can? (Located just to the left of the steering column)
  14. Well, I've solved one problem - when I arm / disarm the alarm, only the LH indicators flash. Found the (smashed) fuse, and replaced it. But now I have a bigger problem - NO indicators OR hazards! So I know the return circuits are ok, because the lights come on with the alarm arm /disarm. But because I have no hazards /indicators, I can't trace the relay sound.
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