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  1. A long time ago, I fitted a RB25DET from a Stagea into my R32 GTS4. I've recently started wondering if there are any differences between the Stagea head and a GTSt head - eg, cam profile, cam timing, chamber shape / size, inlet / exhaust port shape / size. Is it worth getting a GTSt head, or just GTSt cams, or it doesn't matter?
  2. Have you also contacted Nissan Datsun Sports Owners? ([email protected])
  3. blind_elk

    Well, I'm stumped. Got a compression tester and pressure gauge. I've got 44psi fuel pressure while cranking. Initial (cold) crank gives around 100psi across all cylinders, and final compression 135 / 125 / 130 / 127 / 130 / 130 (note: engine has forged pistons, so presumably will be a bit low on a cold crank). Engine can develop oil pressure during cranking. According to the Wolf: Cranking speed is around 220rpm, cranking volts 11V (Wolf handset). Injectors have power, coils are firing, input trigger is firing (ECU lights) Any suggestions as to where to look next. Anyone available in W Subs Melbourne to give me a hand.
  4. blind_elk

    I have spark, so at least the exhaust cam is turning the CAS. I'm guessing the rest of the engine is turning on the starter motor.
  5. blind_elk

    Short story long: Went out to fuel up the night before I was due to go to Phillip Island, Labour Day weekend. Car wouldn't start at servo, discovered missing top starter motor bolt and almost missing lower starter motor bolt . Managed to get lower bolt back in, starter worked. Drove to PI, drove home, everything fine. A week later, I removed the lower bolt so I could be sure I got the correct size replacement, got 2 new bolts for starter motor, fitted them (after basically removing everything from the engine bay ). Went to start the car (on a jump), just spins over - absolutely no sign of wanting to fire. I have spark. Pretty sure I have fuel (not confident of fuel pressure though). Don't know about compression (although don't know why it would suddenly disappear). Replaced fuel filter. Pretty sure I haven't disturbed any of the air hoses under the manifold (but how do you tell on these MFs). Any help / guidance appreciated. Engine is RB25DET, running off a Wolf 3D4+ ECU. Has basically been running fine since installed - this is the first real problem of this nature.
  6. Do you know what fuel pressure you have with the adjustable FPR? Have you tried playing with the fuel pressure? Still running standard RB26 injectors?
  7. blind_elk

    The fuels will mix immediately. If you are overly worried, you could pop into your local auto parts store or servo and get a bottle of octane boost and add that to the tank.
  8. It works fine with your friend's M/C installed?
  9. blind_elk

    Unfortunately Birds is a bit far away. Anyone closer to Tarneit can help?
  10. blind_elk

    Thanks Birds. Where can I pick them up (SMS me - 0421 331 954). I know which 1 has failed, but it feels like a second one is playing up (can eventually get the coil to play ball).
  11. blind_elk

    Me again. Another favour. One or more of the coil packs are in the process of failing. Any chance someone has a couple of spares for a S2 RB25DET I could borrow until a new set arrives. TIA
  12. blind_elk

    Hi all, hoping for a favour. The other day, my Pathfinder's starter failed - at the local shopping centre. So I need to get it home to fit a replacement starter motor. So wondering if anyone in the west (Tarneit to be precise) can give me a hand with a car and trailer to get the bugger home. TIA
  13. blind_elk

    I'm hoping the engine was up to temperature before all this happened.
  14. blind_elk

    I had a similar problem with my 32. I inserted a relay to provide battery power directly to the starter solenoid, using the existing starter wire to switch the relay. Don't recall a problem ever since.
  15. blind_elk

    Mike, Sorry I haven't spied this earlier. We have a number of GTB enthusiasts in the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club here in Melbourne. If you have trouble finding a buyer, can I suggest you contact Jason Quigg at [email protected]