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  1. Haha! I didn't think they would be too bad. They don't weigh a huge amount, and I'm guessing that they have quite a few options to fix any soft handling? I like the R32's, but I think the RB25 has more potential for tuning/power. I'm looking more towards the series 2 R33's, rather than the series 1's.
  2. Re-introducing myself. I haven't posted here since 2007, and back then I owned an Infiniti Q45. Now I am in the market for an R33 (I think), and thought it would be a good idea to get reaquainted with SAU. Looking to buy fairly soon, but want to choose wisely. Anyway, just a quick hello.
  3. I did a trip to ballarat, and used 75L of fuel (Just under a tank)
  4. Well, I have never done a trip that big, but I can tell you that the Q45 was built for highway driving... Under 2000rpm @100km/h I think it would do fine on the big trips
  5. Saw a white stagea on States road at around 8AM today....
  6. I have a 1990 Q45 with active suspension. I am happy with it. Plenty of power, and goes pretty quick for a 1800kg car
  7. Saw a silver Stagea, turn from sturt rd, onto marion road, heading south. Last night, around 5:30 pm. Sounded mean. I seem to be seeing more ceffys too lately....
  8. VIN: HG50-006946 MODEL: NHG50XAE D1 Thanks in advance....
  9. Hurrah! Another Q45 in SA Wasn't me though
  10. RAA can't be trusted to do inspections properly. I personally know of 2 people who got shafted by the RAA doing worthless inspections... One was REALLY bad... apparently had a HUGE front ender, and was repaired (but not very well), suspension all shot, engine mount broken, dicky trans, fuel tank leaked.... not fuel line... fuel TANK. What did the RAA say???? "No problem with this car, go ahead and buy it"
  11. I keep seeing a red R31 wagon with the plates "AHHH-31" on my way home from work. Boring you may say...... but the large front mount intercooler I spy has my interest levels increased. Anyone know this car?
  12. I had this check done when I had my car inspected for it's first registration in Australia.. No compliance plate needed, as they are doing some sort of new scheme, which is some SA identity plate, instead of the compliance plate..... Though, they havent found a suitable plates for this purpose as yet. They told me a letter would be sent out following the inspection to cover me until the time they did have plates available to affix to the car (attachments supplied below).... Sure enough, 2 weeks later, a letter got sent out, saying I had to keep it in the car at all times to be sighted on request by a police officer. No plate affixed to my car anywhere.... They just did what I assume to be a standard inspection for roadworthyness (over the pit, seatbelts, steering play, brakes) Passed with a blitz air filter installed, aftermarket front bar and skirts, recaro front seats, no stereo head unit.... Take your turbo timer out, fix the problems causing leaks, I would personally replace the rubber boot. The bushes should be ok, as long as the parts don't have excessive play in them.
  13. I have seen that orange R32 a couple of times too....
  14. On my way home from work the last 2 mornings... I have seen a purple pearl R31 on marion road, near the expressway ramp both times. Looks like a nice colour, but needs to be lowered. And also a neat black R32 heading north on Marion road.... first spotted at the Anzac Hwy lights, then next to me up to the last road before richmond rd. I seem to be seeing LOADS of skylines lately!
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