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  1. hey, can i get a link to that thread?
  2. Just recieved a fine today (the day before christmas ) for unroadworthy tires. That's not the issue, my question is are they (the fines) still valid if they are not signed by the issuing officer (or any officer in my case)? Not trying to get out of it cause they are actually unroadworthy (haven't checked them in a while) but could he have given me a christmas present by not having to pay for it.
  3. I'd be up for a meet/bbq but kinda gonna be overseas. Leaving soon so I guess I can't make it. Hope you guys have fun.
  4. Grr, I always find out about these things late. I was workin from 12-4, probly saw my car outside Hungry Jacks (Epping). Make it tonight, but not too late. Same place?
  5. Fair enough. Still wouldn't mind goin, meet some of the peeps.
  6. I'll come too if there is a mini meet-up. Hurry up and get this started up so I can add to the 2 open meet requirement for the membership
  7. HAHA. Doxx, I see your car all the time parked there, i'm usually across the road at Hungry Jacks (I work there).
  8. One more question actually, what is that little metal cord thingy coming from one of the exhaust tips (only one), it looks like it goes into the side of the car. Can anyone tell me what it is and what it's used for?
  9. Thanks for the reply mate, might as well start looking for a new exhaust then.
  10. I was just having a look under the beast just earlier and I noticed on the underside of the muffler or whatever on the back that it says 'Nissan' and underneath it, it says 'Calsonic'. I'm just wondering if everyone elses stock one is like this or iv'e got some special exhaust and I didn't even know. It just striked me cause I know in the JGTC that there is a Calsonic Skyline and maybe iv'e got one from their tuning house or something :Paranoid:.
  11. I just got paid by the TAC and now I actually have money for a pod filter. If anyone knows any shops where I can get cheaper k&n or HKS filters please tell me. I'm in Epping and lookin for a shop close to here. One that's open tomorrow (Sunday) would be good too cause I wanna look tomorrow but Monday is good too cause I have no school then. Any model/part numbers would help so I know what fits the R33. Is there any other things I should know about before buying one? Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi people. It's the other dude in the car (Franjo). Found out I have a fractured right wrist bone. Got home around 12:30. Face looks pretty bad but it's alright. Only came on now cause was at another doctor getting my face x-rayed. Hope to see some of you guys at some cruise.
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