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  1. 1994 Gunmetal GTST Reason for Sale. Have too many cars, this one is taking up space and I dont drive much Sits in garage and has done for a long time Car build/serviced and maintained by RevZone in Ringwood with all recipts Car has done 140,000 km (only 20,000 for the last 5 years since modifications) Rego until OCT 2010 RWC will be provided Great condition all round Location is in Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs Contact via PM or via carsales add below Generally a high performance RWD machine... Price ~17k ono, needs to go... Modifications include: Greddy Plennum and fabricated piping Hi-Flow APC Turbo (270 rwkw) FMIC Twin Plate Excedy Clutch Fabricated intake with HKS pod + sheild (metal polish fniish) Fabricated ex. manifold cover (polished) Blue Annodised Rocker Covers, AN fittings etc to catch can RIPS baffled catch can with filter DBA Slotted Rotors with braided lines, new fuilds etc 18 x 265 R, 18 x 235 F Work XT7 Metal Finish Wheels Federal 585SS Tires (80-90% tread) Real GTR Wing with carbon fibre inserts NISMO 1.5way diff Bilstien Suspension and King Lowerd Springs Skydney Kid Whiteline Swaybar Kit (front and back) Camber adjusting bits and pieces set-up for track Duel Cannon Exhaust + 730CFM High Flow CAT Trust Downpipe Custom Front Bar CUSCO front strut brace PowerFC AVCR Defi Guages - Controller, Oil Pressure and Oil Temp Only run using Redline oils (0W40) Racing Seats and bride rails to suit (not installed currently) Paint in excellent condition, respreay occured 1 year ago Performance details: 270 rwkw with ULP for great street response Good for a 12s pass, my best is 12.1 last year Best 0-100 is 4.7s measured with my GTech Pro (hard to avoid wheel spin in 1st/2nd) I have run ~1.30s around sanddown with this car and current setup Listed on CarSales also : http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/privat...&__Qpb=true
  2. lol I was bored before people come over for Xmas and decided to log on and see whats happening on this forum... same old shit... if you cant hack the defects then get another car, be realistic no1 gives a toss about how skylines owners may be victimised..we have all said it before its part of the import joy..right or wrong and writing an essay on it wont chnage a thing, although you can keep typing if you want...LOL How many spanners do I see in Skylines doing stupid stuff? most of the time, its no suprise the cops will come and single us out..how many cars have illegal mods on them...most of them (including mine mind you) but if and when I get pulled over I will cop it like a man and just deal with it, regardless of if they chased me, were bored, thought I might be asian or looked like some other guy or the lady cop thought I was cute and wanted my number...btw that really happened recently but not in my skyline! I think they do a great job at dealing with a lot of tossers out there and if one or two undeserving people happen to "cop it" then so be it, its life shit happens...however there are so many more important things to worry about. Blaze away.
  3. khunjeng

    My New Car!

    good work nath...nappa leather seats for the TT are awsome..
  4. these guys are the best IMO...got some BBS wheels for my audi going there in the new year. They fixed up my Work XT7s pretty sweet in the past for the R33
  5. khunjeng

    My New Car!

    hey Adz nice car, Audi in white is the shit...I have a 2008 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro in White now also...its looks pretty hot in white took me a while to get the one I wanted....and the magnatic ride suspension is not bad when you wack it in sports mode... I still have my R33...I like driving that on the weekends in the country for a spin. KJ
  6. dood the generic stuff is a bit old. who say's you dont know what and who has modified it? if yu dumb enough to buy it without a known histroy then thats the buyers issue. again, there are many good modified gtst's out there many from this club from known workshops. Total waste of money starting from stock and spending anotehr 20-30k on mod over a few years for a car worth 10k stock these days. Like many of the more serious owners like myself who HAVE done this an are running 300+kw gtst's with all the mods and I would not do it again to this car. I would buy a well modified upfront, save 10-15k and go from there.
  7. there are good number of modified 33s with great mods which will save you a bucket load i.e. >20k so why not look at those? These days buying a stock r33 is a waste of money as so many good ones avalibale at incremental cost.
  8. I just used Bigpond Extreeme. 30Mbps...60gig costs a lot then again I dont pay for it anyway but its the shit whe you wanna download lots of torrents fast like 10 at a time...its great. I have found the resolution service pretty decent also - most ADSL issues will require a telstra callout anyway! Its also good I have a media centre, a few PCs in different rooms with people doing stuff and doesnt matter whats going on its always fast. As for the modem, needs to be ADSL2+ compliant its not the same as ADSL. However you might find when you movie in you can get your line speed to 4-8Mpbs on ADSL anyway
  9. respect from 30,000 posts - lol veilside blows, looks like balls. as for pulling the chicks lol - its a skyline its not that great.
  10. Guys Pair of OBX seats for sale. I bought these but then got a good pair of GTR seats from a friend and dont need these anymore. These seats cost about $780 a pair brand new, I will sell them for approx $400. These have never been fitted or used. The MO rails are $350, brand new condition and dount think they have been used, this is also a cheap price. Items are in Melbourne (East) and prefer pick-up as they are heavy and large, however will ship at buyers expense. Link to the OBX website shows the Carrera style : http://www.hgeconsulting.com.au/raceworx/obx.htm PM me as I dont check the SAU web site often. KJ
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