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  1. Ignition Key The original key for the Dayz is very worn and only just works in the ignition. I want to get a new key but cutting one from the worn key would not be the best How can I get the original key number? And who can cut a new key?
  2. Don't think S1 has much of a resale value ATM. How much is a Prince Skyline GT worth now. Maybe one day???
  3. LuckyKiwis get Avenirs. I would seriously like one. Just for fun.
  4. Hey Tangles, I should drop booked for an angiogram next month. LOL
  5. Nice to see your post. Still got my original; S1, plus another two besides and the 32. They are never ending labours of love.
  6. Hey Tangles. What is your poison now? Are you 4 wheelin or BBBBBikein? Did you finish your studies? I have a spare S1 if you feel the urge. LOL
  7. Was in WA caus my bro passed. Went to Augusta and at the Leeuwin Lighthouse spotted a bee u tee full N/A ARX. Saw the owner. He said it was one of only two that have been complied in Aus. Was only Stag I saw. I was in a rental Camry. Which I must say was a quite half decent motor. (Racing to bathroom to wash mouth out)
  8. I found that to be the case with C34s.After fitting an FMIC and FFP, I somehow fitted a 26mm plastic rad instead of the 32mm. My fault it was early days with the Stags and never noticed it. I had overheating problems. The stock water temp gauge never went over halfway, but when coming up the mountain the oil temp gauge I fitted went up to 120/130.+.And it started to boil in the back of the plenum. Once I fitted the 50mm alloy, no more boiling and oil temp always less than 100. Had to do a bit of cutting but well worth it.
  9. I would sugest that an alloy radiator would be the way to go I have replaced all the Stageas and the 32 with alloy. $300 each. Try Just Jap..
  10. 66yostagea


    Waggin Ears and Waggin tongues.
  11. Ben, I have an N/A S1 RWD Auto It is the 25G.
  12. Saw two down the coast today Both C34's.
  13. I'm assuming the guy has only really seen beaten up, paddock bashed c34's, as he still looked confused after taking in the full view of volvo-esque m35. Watch it. I have 3 slightly beaten up C34's. LOL
  14. I been thinking about a 34 Woody. Beach Boys eat your hearts out.
  15. A yellow C34 on roundabout at Tamborine Village today.
  16. I want to rebush the front end of the S1 RS4. What is the best product to use? And where and how do you get it? I just want to order "A set of bushes for an S1 RS4"
  17. This week I drove the S1, RS4 to Sydney and back. 1100k all up. I have had it for nearly ten years.And has 198 on the clock. Looked after but not pampered. A proper work horse. It is really the first long trip I have done in it. Never missed a beat the whole trip. Was driven hard and gave 520 per tank. And was so comfortable even on the 11 hour o/nite trip down.
  18. I have electric leathers in my S1 Dayz and the other two S1 have all the necessary wires and plugs. Maybe it's an S2 thing.
  19. A Focus RS, 257Kw/440Nm.
  20. I have this in my N/A 25G. Never used it.
  21. Can it be unwrapped? Like the rubber paint job.
  22. Fitted shocks to front so is same ride height as rear. Looks so much better.
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