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  1. Good onya buddy good to hear some mate ship happennin
  2. Fuel system is ruled out because every thing that relates to the fuel system has been replaced an is brand new etc Fuel inj, fuel rail, braided hoses, external pump an internal fuel pump, billet fuel filter. I was driving it to day an it was really bad. I'm thinkin it might be a vacuum problem to jus with the symptoms an all. The battery is no more than 5 months old so thats out the window too. The timer is reading 13.5v in normal driving conditions. Ive descreened the AFMs, but where they bolt on i know they are cracked would that cause the problem do you think
  3. Yeah thats wat i reckon definately wierd alright. Originally i thought vacuum leak but ive checked jus about every hose out it is fairly modified car apart from internals an turbos. But it's drivin me crazy ive checked the most obvious connections from air flow meters to wiring loom connections. Hey MBS206 matey all of wat you have said it jus drops out when it feels like it very unpredictable it only basically started happening jus before the Power/FC went in
  4. Im thinkin of doin the same there Gunner i was sweatin on the GT_RS's but from what ive heard the 2871's might be the same laggy but good power from 4grand onwards
  5. Awesome topic guys im thinkin of doin the same with my GTR by puttin in some GT_SS turbos so when i get round to it your info will definately come in handy
  6. Hey Guys im originally from Mackay born an raised there now live Newcastle well Maitland actually. But i come back every now an then for a visit to see friends an family there. Havent been back this but probably sometime next year hey Hows the import seen goin there last time i was home there was an actual import shop there
  7. Any help would be appreciated here My 32 GTR has developed a stalling problem an it's really starting to piss me off. If there is anyone that has experienced this problem in thier car like before your info might be helpful ive asked quite a few people about this drama an i have taken it to a couple of work shops an they an haven't found anythin it's even been on the dyno at Advan Performance an nothin showed up there it's all most like it doesn't like shown up till i drive it.
  8. Hey there bloke jus wonderin if you had sold that N-1 front bar yet. Have you got an piccy's of wat sort of condition its in thanks Cheers
  9. its amazing how it;s turned out tho for a shop like that to be able to conduct business without insurance seems pretty unbeliveable smells FISHY in every way
  11. Your dead right there FREEMAN theres nothin worse than that sorta feelin . Especially when you have good intentions to be nice to someone an acknowledge thier ride an all they do in return is make you feel bad.
  12. TA DA yeppo people think they have a WOMD under thier bonnets an it's a huge secret im one for sharing info rather than hiding it
  13. YEAH that waving thing it's a bit of a problem.....Especially when ya fly past a pissed off V8 driver waving at him
  14. well i can tell ya one thing from someone whos owned an rb26 in the area for quite sometime you cant trust ANYONE
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