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  1. Could a mechanical cow help? then they could create smaller mechanical bull's n cows so then the little kiddies won't get hurt when jumping on them! Sorry bless_you, I know i didn't add anything constructive, but I just HAD to say it! Hey you're a champ for helpin these kids out mate! There should be more people in the world like you!
  2. ReVN211 best of luck mate! And if you need extra backup ie see how many angry thugz you can pack into a corolla, then give us a yell!!! I'm in it bcos they represent the same scum that stole my lot....
  3. Whether you have a Skyline through your own hard work, or you were lucky enough to be given one, I think the real winner is the diversification of the cars on our roads. (Very left field here) Let me demonstrate... Before FastnFurious came out I knew bugger all about any car. I thought the coolest cars on the road were the Celica's bcos at the time they appealed to me, and infact that what I had seen on our roads! After watching this movie, it opened up my eyes to a world I was definitely missing out on. I researched all I could about these cars I had seen and started getting into the whole import culture. Knowing something about how a car works and what a turbo does and all the other stuff is interesting, and for fellow entusiasts like me its great to find out more! Having these impressive machines on the road today jst makes me wanna learn more! I tink in the end, if we didn't have great imports coming in there would be very little diversity on our roads, and having lots of diversity is good. It gives us something to look at, something to learn about, and something to dream about too.... Amen... lol jst my 2cents worth... Vin
  4. Hey Dudes I see ya point hey, I'm not rich, so saving $1100 for a car stereo, building the sub box by myself, doing the install with a few mates, then getting Mum to cook curry for them can be considered hardwork (guess I didn't do the curry so thats ok! )but give it 7 months and leaving the car outside my g/f's place in Bently and someone's pinched the bloody thing wit a brick through the passenger window. Thankfully we screwed the deck fully into the cavity so they couldn't yank it out, but they ran off with the amp and the bright red box. It wasn't a very Kodak moment. I mean after spending time, effort and money to enjoy something that I had so worked hard for, then seeing it disappear overnite is really a jolt to the system. What makes these people tick? I mean sure I'd love to put bulletholes into these people's knees and elbows so they'd live in pain for the rest of their life (okokok call me crazy! ), but I'd also love to find out why damage, steal and cause hurt to people they don't know!!!Are there any shrinks on this forum that could maybe shed a little light on the subject? ps... Jst wondering if anyone has seen a Sony Xplode 12' sub in a bright red 42ltr box for sale or anything, would love to listen to my baby again, get it back of course (and hurt the motherfuxor who stole it from the car!!).
  5. G'day Guys, Just wondering out of pure curiosity mainly... 1. Wats the difference between the Ets-Pro and the Ets? 2. Can you transplant the Ets-Pro into a GTR thats only equipped with the Ets? Basically can you take the computer out of the V-Spec II and put it into a normal GTR? Has anyone done this before? Is it possible? How much time-money-effort would it take? Thanks fer ur time! Vin
  6. LOL Gotrice!! Maybe I should try drag him wit my Rolla... It looks heaps like a GTR tho, wit the rear guards being so ultra fatty, he's complemented the yellow wit white rims n they look siic too! Hey Wassabi's Green monster looks pretty good aswell, I tink i actually saw the plates on an R33 wit its frontbar off in the city (think he always parks at the Wilsons on Pier st) n I thought to myself, "how good would that look on a green R32!" Wassabi u still driving that around?N wat have u done to it? N even white R33 'GTNIK' or something, with the widewidewide azz Line, boy thats like a friggin white water buffalo, its soo wide!
  7. Sorry to hijack, but surely someones seen the repainted canary yellow R32 GTR, plates "GTRRRR", UWA student Man if ur reading this.... I gotta have a seat in shotgun in ure car one day!!! Let us know what u've done to it too!!! Its the one of the siccckest 32's in perf!!!
  8. hey any1 thought of importing a line frm New Zealand?any one with any thoughts on this issue? Jst asking, cos they seem to b more crazy abt it than us.... no offence intended tho
  9. Actually i could use this as a good excercise to increase my knowledge about engines, ok first I'll explain what i know (please see pretty animations above) The green rod is the crankshaft right, n to the end of that is the flywheel, (ok first question) what are the plates on either side of the blue things (which i forgot the name for, are they like piston shafts or something?) the wire frame is the engine block? is that right? and the grey things are the pistons? And where does the rockers, rollers and all that nonsense go? Are they to do with the camshaft n not the crank?
  10. And paint... Great job though, better than I woulda done...
  11. I even reckon the FB(Aii) Car does some pretty sickening drifts too... but then woz this game modeled around drifting so much? Ohh yeah, another car which is a killer is the cheetah...
  12. djvin

    Cartoon r34

    Hey Dude! Great drawing man, Damn looks like an Autobot hey!!! 'Transformers, more than meets the eye' Hey if this guy woz an Autobot, wat would his name be, I tink AtomX gets to choose it if theres enuf input into the naming... I'd give him the name of DETTonate okok thats a pretty poor name.... C if any of u guys can come up wit any better.... Or maybe u mite find better ways to spend 5 minutes...
  13. Hehehe Lozza150, took me a while, but I finally got it! woz the 'a real spin out' an intended pun? Coz thats really quite nifty... real spin out - rotary engines... lol, boy am I slow.... n also amusing myself at the smallest things...
  14. Hey red900ss man, ure Avatar is fully sickening man... That a turbine from a truck or something, looks HUGE! lol, Guess thats bolted on to ur Skyline then?
  15. Hey don't u love it how the Brothers in Initial D say 'RoeeeeTaaarry' N how Nakazato talked about the ATTESSA-Ets .... hmmm, I tink its because they all speak Japanese, got my laughs for a while anyway.... Anyway back to uni work...
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