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  1. SOLD!!! (R32's gone to a nice new home... Very glad to see Andy pick it up and be just as excited as I was with it... Atleast i know shes gonna be cared for once more) Would of loved a swap back into a S13 unfortunately it's all too much for my partner these days lol... (I think shes sick of seeing motors and cars everywhere at home) Now days only have Family car and a Killer motor in the garage, when the motors finished its going into the 240z But everythings at a hault moneys always an issue especially when you havea family to worry about and moving homes ... depends how much I make out of the unit I guess lol.
  2. Ok well I need this car gone and I cant even edit my Original post to adjust price... Price: $6400
  3. Hmm cant work out the where id find the edit button. I thought people would be jumping at the chance for the 32... hmmm
  4. Hi All, Ok my Sklyines gotta go (Purchased family car Toyota Aurion and cant afford to have both) for sale 1992 Skyline R32 Gts-t M-Spec rb20det manual Silver In Color 108,776 KMs it has GTR Side skirts (genuine plastic ones) GTR Rims GTR Wing A vertex front bar (has damage being fibreglass) Pod Filter exhaust Unknown Injectors (Was told it had an upgrade when I bought it) Front Mount Intercooler boost gauge Clutch is quite heavy (As a guess id say its exeddy HD as it feels just like my old Rb20det Silvia did) Climate Control Kenwood Cd Player (this was freaking expensive when i bought it has the usb connections/remote etc) I put a Bosch 044 Fuel pump in when I purchased the car (90xxxkms) Turbo Timer Amplifier The Bad:(Hey I just want it gone id rather let you know) - Paints fading on roof - Front bar is damaged (yet still legal) - Thrust bearing in clutch is noisey (every gear is a smooth change its just a slight noise my silvia did the same for 80xxx kms and never gave me an issue until someone wrote me off in it haha) - Tappet noise on cold start (I havnt seen a skyline that doesnt do this) What I've done to the car since ive had it; Bosch Fuel Pump New Rubber at rears 15% tint Rego till November/2010 every seal throughout the motor incl coolant lines was replaced and suspension ball joints etc (I expect this to be done on any car 20years old) Momo Steering wheel All the work done on the car was done at my work (Clintons Toyota in campbelltown - Obviously i get it done at cost and pay the mechanics privately after work hours) Boost-T in glove box Replaced Window Actuators and Switches (had to specially order these) New light globes all round (didnt want any troubles) The car runs 10psi and has done so since the day I bought it, throughout winter it spikes to 12psi The car also now sits at my work as I needed a family car and just genuinly need to get rid of it, It hasnt driven any km's since i took the photos. The body needs some paint but mechanically shes sound and has been treated as my baby since the day I bought it. I only got this car originally because my Silvia was written off by a stupid thief on the M5, It was traded at my work and needed my attention :-P now she needs a good home id like to see my toy go to someone who actually cares for Skylines! Feel free to contact me on 0405 950 924 - Dane If I dont answer leave a message as it does get busy at my work I will return your call asap. Asking $7300 Pictures:
  5. hey guys im after a rb30/25 complete and running show me what u got call me on 0405 950 924 after 6pm weekdays Dane
  6. Spotted 332ENV last night in the M5 If your on here I want a rematch sometime
  7. Hiace van sporting an SR20DET ^_^ Sleeper of the century
  8. ah k well that'll teach ya to tighten things
  9. Hey Andi wat happnd to your inner guards? or your half cuts ones? :S
  10. Hi All, Mate just phone to say his Mates car was stolen Last seen in Carlton! Number plates: AJ 27 BU Gunmetal Grey R32 GTR Please all keep an eye out for it. Cheers, Dane
  11. Whos to say teh SR is so great? weak rocker arms ... 4cyl motor... they may be one hell of a good motor... but at the end of the day why diss the RB20??? it makes more power than an SR stock... its more reliable... 6cyl meaning it can handle larger amounts of power alot better than the SR... so reliability wise id be choosing the RB ... in fact i did my RB is in the process for 300rwkw... in my 1via... and best part of all $600 to replace a motor... swap mods across yourself... way better option IMO ... Love the RB in my Sil...
  12. a custom job from Kemp looks best and no doubt performs... (im going to book mine in with Kemp)
  13. Thanks for the help Roy i get ya now .63 would prob be the best option for it then i think 5k is a bit too laggy... lol 4-4.6k revs is ok but any more than that its kinda waiting too long fora street car/drift.
  14. So the way the wheels work what kind of lag would you expect to see from an A/R .82 on a HKS 3037 or the garrett twin GT3071R ...