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    cars, drift, motorsport, normal sport u know, the usual breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, suitcases, racoons........

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  1. ardie

    Moving Sale

    All the cheeky bastards saying you will take all the stuff for free, quit wasting my time you tight arse muppetts!
  2. ardie

    Moving Sale

    Wheels sold, still alot of shit here
  3. ardie

    Moving Sale

    This stuff really has to go guys, throw me some offers
  4. ardie

    Moving Sale

    Hey guys, can this please be left here as I’m moving back to Melbourne and this stuff needs to go by the end of this coming weekend or it’s going to the tip., pics are below Set of 17x7 4studders $200 R180 diff out of ca18 auto $100 6 bolt shafts to suite above $100 Stock s13 rear bar, needs work $50 Haggard gp sports front bar (180sx) $30 Slightly less haggard gp sports rear bar (180sx) $60 Almost not haggard s13/180 gp sports skirts $100 S13 seats (front and rear) $60 Dash with 3 cut outs for gauges (NO CRACKS!!!) $50 Floor carpet $40 Door skins $30 Roof lining $30 Ca18 radiator $30 Manky 3” exhaust $40 Centre console painted awesome white $free Dash surround painted by same genius $free Also have a bunch of random interior pieces so ask and you might get lucky
  5. are you sure they are flippable? they seem to have a stepped inner
  6. got a greddy bov here, in awesome condition, just not using it on my new cooler setup. I can include a flange for it or even a section of piping with the flange already welded on for a little extra
  7. ardie

    17” Avs Rims

    Have a set of 17” avs rims for sale, fronts are 8” wide and rears are 9” wide. They have seen better days. Chasing $600 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. ardie

    Alloy Welding

    just wondering if there anybody in the launny area who can weld up a couple of cooler pipes for me, preferably this weekend. if anybody can help that would be awesome cheers
  9. hey gents, just chasing a cheap 3" exhaust, front pipe and cat back (or whatever you have). can be to suit any of the cars mentioned, any material as its going to get butchered up anyway cheers
  10. no worries mate, if they don't sell within the next month or so ill be painting them bronze and running them on my car (will still have them for sale though). but if you don't want them in that colour let me know and i might be able to hold off for a bit
  11. Sorry fellas, really looking at a straight up sale. I would be interested in swapping, but only for something mesh in a neg offset or perhaps some performance challengers cheers
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.us hey mate unfortunately this is the only pic i have atm, it gives a basic idea (although they are dirty in that pic haha). i can arrange more i you are keen mate
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