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  1. Alkatraz, do you have any idea how much it would cost to order just 1 replacement brushed Aluminium grab door handle (inside), for a V36? Thanks Year I have a V36 with 150,000 genuine kms on the clock (confirmed by JOC), and the interior is absolutely immaculate (not a mark on the steering wheel or anything for that matter). The only thing that's worn is the grab door handle (inside) on the drivers side. So I'd like to replace that. Apart from that nothing else the whole car is immaculate. Any suggestions to where to get a grab door handle (inside), would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  2. I may also be interested in a set of the 19's, must be in very good condition though
  3. If your prepared to go the new Enkei option I'd suggest suggest go to Tire Rack in the USA www.tirerack.com Their the cheapest I've found and they provide good service, either by chat or phone. For a set of 4 Enkei RPF1, you are looking at about $1,300-$1,400 AUD, including delivery to Australia. Or if you choose a different Enkei wheel you may even get them for a couple of hundred dollars less.
  4. Thanks mate, yes that's all I was after, I knew they 18" diameter, just wanted the width. Cheers Paul
  5. I own a 2004 V35 Premium, does anyone know what size (width) the factory 18 inch wheels are? Thanks
  6. The premium also comes with 6 way adjustable electric drivers seat with memory.
  7. Was probably a Lady Boy, Thailand's full of them, their everywhere. Paul
  8. Hey Mate, I'd be up for that. Cheers Paul
  9. Yeah there's a few places that do it, I had some done a little while ago (they were reasonably bad), and they came back looking brand spanking new, couln't tell they'd been touched. I you want his details let me know. Cheers Paul
  10. Hey mate, If you get cought out I know someone on the Northern Beaches who would do it no problem. As know it's quite a drive from where you are, but if you get stuck let me know. Paul
  11. Yeah I suppose it's probably OK for standard suspension, but how many people on here have standard suspension. I certainly don't. But like others have said don't go stupid and you'll be fine. Paul
  12. As far as I understand that's standard practice if you have comprehensive insurance, uless clearly stated otherwise in the policy. Even though the accident wasn't your fault, you lodge a claim with your insurance company, they sort out your repair or in the case of a write off pay you out, and then recoupe the money from the other drivers insurance company. Since you were not at fault it won't go against your insurance record, you won't have to pay an eccess, and it won't affect your no claim bonus. It's just that having comprehensive means any accident goes through your policy. Paul
  13. Hey man, I tried to send you a PM, but it came up with an error saying "user SargeRX8 cannot receive any new PM's"? Paul
  14. Yeah I'm familiar with the roads your talking about. It's a very popular spot for drivers of modified cars, whether it be turbo imports or V8 commodores etc. Their all up there regulary. However you really do need to get to know the road pretty well before you gun around their. People write off cars up their very regulary, if you know the roads and are a good driver then fine, but otherwise be carefull. I personally know a few people who have written cars off up there, then there ones I heard about. As you say in a lot of spots the road surface is pretty average to. But having said that it's well worth the drive up there, ther are some good roads with reasonable straights and some damn good corners, I've had heaps of fun the 2 times I've been up their. The other thing ther's one road in and out, meaning you can check if the cops are in there. Unfortunately the gates do get shut at night, 6pm I think (or therabouts). Paul
  15. Thanks heaps for your help. Yes, it is exactly the same as the 2 door. My current wheels came off a 2 door R33 GTST. Cheers Paul
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