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  1. Hey.. How much for the Grille and thermo fan?? Thats if you still have them... Im in Vic 3805 Cheers
  2. Thanx heaps for the advice guys!! Its much appreciated!!!!! Cheers!!
  3. Hey... thanx heaps for the replies!!!!!!! I thought that was the going price... sux how much they have depreciated in price!! Might sell the plates with it.. dunno yet.. dont really want to sell them either... but getting older and a tad wiser as i want to buy investment property.. So the option of not selling it is out the window unless i think up some other way... Thanx AutoTrust for your comments.. its my baby.. and is still looking the same.. We 'oldskoolers' should meet up!! Would be great to see you guys again.. Anymore advice would be great!! Take Care Speak soon!! Kyles
  4. Hi guys.. Its been a while i know.. hehe Need some help from you car experts on here.. Im going to be selling my car soon.. i know im sad too.. hehe Now.. i have been out of the 'car scene' so to speak for a while now.. and i dont know how much my car is worth anymore.. Its worth lots to me.. but yeah.. just wondering what sort of price i could ask for it... Details of my car are below.. 1993 series 1 R33GTST- Type-M Manual Burgandy duco Custom front bar side skirts gtr wing Tinted Windows 17' rims Big FMIC turbo timer, SAFC, boost controller Full 3' exhaust from turbo back sony cd player Alarm Very rare ACTIVE LSD (on Type-M's) 102xxx kms Full Major Service done including Timing belt and water pump done 3 months ago Pics below *Note- These pics were taken before i had the front bumper done and the Front Mount put on* Hope you guys can help me out! Thanx In Advance!!! Cheers Kyles
  5. Cmon Guys!! There must be some interest out there....
  6. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST!!! Victorian Personalised Plates: TEEZNU Regretful Sale.. They are slimline and will be brand new. Having them replaced as i have had them for about 6 years and there are stone chips etc on them. Just wanting to see how much interest there is in them before i sell them.. Cheers
  7. Hey how are ya.. Is the Bar Fibre-Glass or plastic?? Will it fit series I?? Where are you located?? Thanx
  8. Thanx heaps for your help guys!! Im getting some sumo HTRZII for $169 each fitted and balanced at Total Tyres in Oakleigh. i thought that was a good price.. ill let you know what theyre service was like.. Cheers
  9. Hey Denham.. long time.. Yeah.. i didnt put my h/brake on properly one day and it rolled down my driveway into the pole on the other side of the road.. its fixed now though Thanx for all your help guys!!!!!!!! ill be going around to a few places tomorrow.. hopefully ill be able to find some.. i need them pretty quickly too.. really bald on one side.. might aswell get a Wheel a/ment and balance while im at it i think Thanx again guys!!! TTFN
  10. Hey.. thanx for your help guys.. I aint paying $410 for 1 tyre!!!!! lol What are some good brands of tyres to get??? cos i wouldnt have a clue when it comes to tyres.. i just know that they are round and black..lol
  11. Hi guys.. been absent for a while on here.. moved and have no computer.. ANYWAY.... I need some new tyres for the rear.. Could anyone steer me in the right direction for new tyres in the south east.. where they are not over priced! apart from TTF in Dnong.. had bad experience with them in the past. Thanx heaps!!!!!!!
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