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  1. I found a flat clear 300mm for $20 on gumtree, the girl lived down the road as well lol. Fits fine, doesn't obstruct sunvisors. I'll need to test it out tomorrow to see how I like it or see if I go with a Convex one.
  2. Cheers mate, that does look like a cheaper alternative. Did you get the convex one or flat? And did you go blue or clear.
  3. I've tried searching but had no real luck finding any trustworthy feedback. I'm considering buying the following items mainly to increase visibility. Coming from a motorcycle back to a car I feel like I can't see shit from the rearview and side mirrors. Larger Rearview https://www.rhdjapan.com/zoom-engineering-monaco-mirror-240-frp-black.html Stickon Side Mirrors https://www.rhdjapan.com/zoom-engineering-extra-blue-wide-side-mirror-set-rps13-rs13-s13-z32-p10-r32-bnr32.html I'm not sure if these are deemed wank/unnecessary or would be a decent purchase. The asymmetrical mirror is something I haven't seen before, Im not sure if I would find it annoying after a while, they do sell larger oval ones.
  4. Just an update, had the new clutch in for a while and its so easy to drive lol. Still at 345kw, seems fine but Ive only done street driving for now.
  5. I ended up buying the Nismo coppermix single, should handle 340 fine according to another owner of it, but I'll be dropping to around 300kw just to be safe
  6. I called them first actually lol, didn't speak to scott but the recommendation was the Nismo coppermix twin I've had some chats with some other people who are running the nismo coppermix single at the same power as my car is currently running. I've had a quote for $1350 delivered to AU for the single kit, at that price point it might be the way to go tbh.
  7. After speaking to Kudos motorsports I've decided to go with an Exedy Heavy Duty single plate Clutch Kit, which comes with a extra heavy duty cover. But I will be going back to an OEM flywheel as that best suits my planned usage which I'm currently trying to source. I will be detuning the car as well to a lower power output to suit. Pretty much what Duncan suggested. Appreciate the feedback lads, I will most likely be listing my current clutch and flywheel for sale and they are only 3000kms or so old.
  8. I'll probably turn down the power what are these nicer options and whats the max power for these? Everyone appears to be recommending the nismo copper twinplate but are there more drivable options for lower power?
  9. Don't plan on doing that, I find changing gears to be cathartic, I've only ridden motorbikes and owned this one car (twice now) my whole life.
  10. Clutch recommendation for commuting/daily usuage Hey guys, I recently repurchased my old r32 GTR after selling it years ago, and I want to replace the current clutch with something less track orientated and that would be a lot more usuable for daily usuage. It currently has a ORC 559 twin plate clutch 550ps with only 3000kms on it, but since I haven't driven a car since selling this around 6+ years ago I'm struggling hard with it lol. Its currently tuned for 345kw which is a lot higher than when I previously owned it and I don't intend on taking it to the track for now. I understand I could simply learn to get used to the clutch, but I'm an old f**k now and want something easier to live with. I'll probably look to sell the current clutch and does anyone have a good mechanic recommendation for the North Sydney/Chatswood area? p.s. I was very surprised that my account on here was still active lol
  11. Yeah my bad, I didn't read any of the details just called them straight away lol. The girl I spoke to said I couldn't drive it to work or the shops at all, which seemed silly but I didn't press her on it. I mentioned that I would still have my bike but I wanted to do more of a 50:50split
  12. I've only ever owned one car, 1990 R32 GTR as I've been riding bikes for 17 years. I was the first Australian owner in 2006 and I believe I sold it around 2012 to a friend. Luckily I will be repurchasing it from him very soon.
  13. Sadly for me there are a few criteria that I don't meet. Can't use your vehicle for an occasional commute to work or even drive to the shops NRMA VVC wouldn't cover me NRMA normal only would insure me for $12K Shannons wanted 1800/year for 34K Famous quoted me at 1000/year for 34K 35yold with 1 claim in the last few years (motorcycle accident)
  14. I'm torn between white and gunmetal. I do like black a lot though, very initial D which was what got me to buy a GTR years ago lol
  15. I was actually looking at buying that exact car back in 06 >.< nice work so far
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