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  1. Definitely better than the 25DET I had in it before. Was lucky to get 450km to a tank of casual driving on the open road. Even after I converted it to manual it wasn't really any better (but that could have been my right foot :laughing-smiley-014: ) I honestly believe that if I drove a full tank nicely I could get 525 - 550km's. Watch this space
  2. Just ran my first full tank through the Stagea since I fitted the 26. Got 490kms on 56L which included mostly open road (with a fair bit of WOT) but a bit of round town driving aswell. Interestingly I only got 200kms out of the first half. I'm just about to fill up again with the km's sitting on 420km with mostly round town driving & one hour long open road trip. I must say I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised.
  3. Ahhh I see. That makes sense. I had considered hard wiring the pump with a direct feed from the battery but my concern is of the safety side of it; I don't want it to keep pumping fuel if I ever crash it (well if someone crashes into me )
  4. Ok, not sure if this is a subject covered before but I'd thought I'd bring it up. People talk about fitting a fuel pump to their Stagea but I haven't ever seen any detail about it. I currently have a Walbro 255 in the tank behind the 26 but to be honest its not right. It won't run right when its cold (like its starving of fuel) & if you thrash it it doesn't seem to catch up for a while. Talking to a fuel pump expert he said that some Nissans (Z32 300ZX for example) run variable rate earths at the ECU & that may be what is causing my problem. I personally have a re-shelled 260RS if that makes any difference (including the entire 260RS wiring loom) so I'm just curious as to whether anyone has had fuel pump problems with their Stagea/260RS. I have access to a Bosch 044 with a the appropriate fittings to adapt to the Nissan setup but have been told (by the same guy) that I will at the very least need to change my fuel pump relay for fear of burning it (or the wiring/ECU) out. Of course I haven't wanted to risk a 260RS ECU so haven't taken it any further. I'd like to wind the boost up to 1 bar but I don't want to risk a lean out with a sketchy pump so I'm holding back at the moment but I can tell you my RH foot is getting itchy. What are other people running in their Stagea/GTS25T/GTR etc etc? On a similiar note; how do people wire up secondary fuel pumps? Into the same earthing point (via the ECU)?
  5. Ok thats not too bad then. Where did you get your guards from? Are they MASA items?
  6. A RHR R32 GTS4 axle fits the LHR of the Stagea with perfection. Don't use the LHR GTS4 (like I did at first) as looks like it will work & it does fit but the first time you squat the rear end with a fast take off the output flange walks out of the diff I used a 260RS axle for the RHR.
  7. How did you get on with using the standard rad support? Any dramas fitting the stuff up? ie the headlights
  8. All sorted. * RS-Four hub carriers with 260RS (or GTR or R32 GTS4) hubs fitted hence enabling me to use my RS-Four adjustable coilovers * R32 GTS4 LH Axle in the LHR (unmodified) * R34 GT-T RHR Axle with 260RS ends Anyone would be able to recreate what I've done easily enough apart from needing a 260RS axle of course
  9. Just so everyone knows; 260RS axle are not the same as GTR in either thickness (including splines) or length. They are the same diameter & spline count as R34 GT-T though. MY RH axle is done using a combination of a RH GT-T axle & 260RS diff end & I am getting a GT-T CV modified to fit onto a R32 GTS-4 LHR axle as I write this. Hopefully should be done in a week or two as the guy is pretty busy.
  10. Just out of interest I thought I'd share this; from top to bottom; RS Four LHR Axle 260RS LHR Axle R34 GT-T LHR Axle Hopefully when my R32 GTS4 axle turns up this morning I'll be all set
  11. Well I have an Autech axle & its 90mm but trying to confirm that it IS the same size as GTR as a 90mm is what I need
  12. :laughing-smiley-014: Sweet as. Saturday went 90% as planned but I'm still short a LH axle. Just trying to figure it out at the moment. Unfortunately thats what happens sometimes when you make assumptions
  13. Buggar.....................thanks bro. Anyone got a GTS4 they can check?
  14. Trying to get my Stagea sorted (pretty keen to race it at Dragwars this coming Friday) but run into a small problem with my LHR axle. Can anyone tell me the outer diameter of an R32 GTS4/R32 or R33 GTR axle cup? It should be either 90mm or 100mm. (see pic). Its the part that bolts to the Diff outout flange. This is the make or break moment for my rear end setup. Its all back in & bled up just missing a LH axle. Help :confused: Thanks in advance!!!!! Sorry about the crap photos.......................
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