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  1. I brought semi rural 4 bedroom house with 1/3 acre block for 350K, in 5 years property is now worth 550K. Cheap properties are there if you are willing to look.
  2. Options Car Audio in Westall
  3. Unique Body works in Ferntree Gully. My GTR is there for a full restore at the moment.
  4. Bronny has a helicopter powered by an RB26...... IT industry in 2 years will be a very different playing field with more push by business to move services to cloud providers. As baby boomers step aside more less conservative decisions get made. It like IT security and data protection do not mean crapola any more. You think wages in the market will improve unfortunately the answer will be NO. As we have a a crap load of 457 visa IT personnel already in country and with IBM, Fujitsu and HP all laying off approx 1000 staff within Australia each by September you find about 30 plus going for the same job at the moment. Unless you are in coding crap load of work there.
  5. Show me the money bitches or my butt be leaving for $$$$ central. Why should I be loyal to you when you will push my butt to the curve to save money at the drop of the hat. Don't hate the player, hate the game son.
  6. I am looking for a workshop near the Dandenong's? (I live near Emerald)
  7. Obviously revenue is down and most people are folliwng the rules, so why not bash the car scene for more cash to feed the governments hands with money to be wasted on BS, who line there pockets for there own gain and let our industries crumble under free trade agreements and sit back and go...... There is nothing wrong with... Transport - Easy when you have a driver and car Roads - Easy when you can get an escort Cost of living - Easy when you are 100,000 with 20k in expenses. Cry me a river we pay for a government that is unable to do there job or provide basic services and yet they target people who work and keep hard working Australians employeed. *** End Rant
  8. Knox the defect area 9 for all imports even brand new Toyota 86's GT
  9. It is called handling stolen goods, ask him to release the vehicle or the Police will be involved to get it for you. I bet the Police will be very interested in how said wrecker obtained the vehicle and from who in the first place?
  10. What would be useful is thefts in relation to second hand part suppliers of imported vehicles.
  11. Interesting they ask if cysclists should have same laws as motorists too.
  12. Cheez you guys must have great eye sight to spot that there
  13. Alarm saved my car make sure it is black wire as they will be lost trying to get it going. Plus GPS tracker the one I have sends an SMS as soon as the door is opened or the window.
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