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  1. Hi all, yes my husband loves performance cars as well and he just thought he had struck gold when he met me 6 years ago and found out that I loved cars as well. But he has a work 4WD so I am the lucky one when the hot car. I cant wait to start cleaning it up (a bit of paint, new front spoiler, mags etc) I look forward to chating to you all. HER GTR white R33 GTR
  2. thanks, I know I did well. But I was completely in the right, see as I said I only had the car for 20 hrs, and stat warranties cover everything mechanical that stops the car from performing the duties it is meant to! Going for a start!!!! and it covers you for 1 month or 1000 kms on an import. So there you go, I was just very lucky that it happened after only 200kms of me having the car. Now I get a new rebuild our of it. I was looking at the cruise that you are organising for the Sunshine Coast in QLD in a few weeks. Was thinking about going but I have a toddler, is anyone else bring kids or sound I wait till I can pass him onto the grandparents.
  3. thanks, but lucky for me the first expense is massive and covered under my stat warranty. After a talked the yard down massivally on their price, (I work in the Car Wholesale business) then they have had to fork out more money for my engine rebuild, hee hee hee. After a few arguments and threats of legal matters, I always get what I want.
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first post on your great forum and I am excited to be here. I am from Brisbane and got my First R33 GTR a week ago, but after only having it for 24 hrs, the car ended up in the work shop with a big end bearing done. Lucky for Stat Warranties I dont have to pay for the repairs, which only started today mind you. But after lots of phone calls to top mechanics I found out that the UNBREAKABLE GTR ENGINE, doesn't like crap oil and late services, so just a warning to all you GTR owners, take car of your babies and services them on time and with good quality oil. As for me, hopefully next week I will be able to enjoy my much awaited arrival of my car, I have prestige plates on the way HER GTR. Yes thats right, I am 27 year old wife and mother of a 2 year old boy, but have always loved my cars, I have owned more cars then I have had birthdays including a Soarer, 3 WRX's, and many more. But I think the GTR will stay apart of me for ever now. I look forward to chatting with you all. Regards HER GTR
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