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  1. but cute in a freaky alien kind of way
  2. Ooohh, you went the 600 not the 750? I'm supposedly picking up one soon (as soon as I find one at a decent price, if not it'll be new) but the 750. There are a lot of people on here with bikes.
  3. Definitely don't go Qantas! Emirates and Singapore are good and you can request the emergency door seats (although then you can't recline as much) which gives you more leg room. I flew Singapore to LA (21hrs) with a one hour stopover in Narita and was so glad I swapped to a emergency door seat for the extra leg room. Isle of Man is awesome! the roads there are nothing like Perth.
  4. You really are probably better off just saving up instead of switching and switching again, as cars will always lose money, not to mention the transfer costs and insurance set ups... the good thing about a car that isn't worth as much is that it can't drop much in value. Good luck whichever you chose!
  5. Slight derailment but: http://www.watoday.com.au/entertainment/ge...90723-du1c.html
  6. but do you have the time off to be able to spend 4 days driving it back (if you're by yourself)? The freight you have been quoted is actually cheaper than what we paid to get our old car over from Melbourne, but it's(transporter) hell on your car with stonechips, bearings etc.
  7. Good luck to them and I hope they get better soon!
  8. WA is great, and what it lacks for in excitement it definitely makes up for in lifestyle! housing is ridiculously priced though....
  9. Have you guys tried the other flavours? and the curly style indo mie? mmmmmm.......
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