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  1. Looking for a fuel sender for a r32 what have you got?
  2. Yes i have one now, thanks any ways mate.
  3. As per post looking for a r33 rb25det power fc. What you got?
  4. Looking for a R32 GTR Rear Sway Bar. Location, Queensland. What you got?
  5. I fixed it some time last year and forgot to put up the fix but it def left me stumped for months!
  6. Fixed, faulty FPR replaced #winning, fuel was coming out of its vac line into the inlet manifold flooding the engine.
  7. Question, if using the RB26 PFC ECU on a RB20 do you need to run GTR Injectors as the RB20 ones have a different impedance?
  8. Is there a RB26 PFC to convert RB20 guide? I see there is a few threads but not sure if a guide been posted? please link me if one exists. Thank You.
  9. Looking for a BN SPORT kit or just the rear bar for R32 2-DOOR. What you got? Cheers Steve
  10. [sOLVED] Sard fuel reg was the problem. Found fuel pumping thru the vac line out of the reg. New reg installed running on all 6.
  11. Can you start with the O2 sensor unplugged? Seems to be ok on my PFC.
  12. My RB20 will not start, checked spark ok ! Pulled out first 3 spark plugs and are drenched in fuel. What would be causing this? I recently pressure cleaned (with air compressor n carby cleaner) my sard 550cc injectors my self and reinstalled and ran fine until i turned the car off and then i started it again then it started to loose cylinders now i cant even start any more....
  13. I put my skyline away in my garage almost a year n a half ago. I went to start it a few months back n it ran like a tractor. So i thought bad fuel, drained the fuel and put fresh stuff in and changed the spark plugs. started and still ran like shit coughing and spluttering and wont idle have to give it gas to start it and hold the gas on to keep it alive. Very smoking out of the exhaust. so maybe ignitor? changed the ignitor no change, afm? changed the afm, no change. So when i got it running (rough) i went down the coil packs to see what cyl is not running right and cyls 1,2,3 are not working. so i take the coil packs out and test with a spark plug any they all work ggrr, so maybe clogged injector? so i removed my fuel rail, injectors and fuel filter. replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the injectors with carb cleaner. I reinstalled every thing today and kicked it over and boom it idled first go but not 100% sounded like i was down a cyl again, so went thru the coil packs to check which cyl and cyl 3 was not working. ok turned off checkd the plug and then started again. then i lost 1,2,3 cyls again!!! WTF? then more started to go now i think maybe 1 or 2 cyl is working, tones of smoke most i have ever seen come out bluey in colour n fuely i changed the CAS as well no change, when the CAS was out i turned the shaft while ignition was on to make sure the injectors are firing and the did fine. also thought my ECU shat it self but i tested on a rb20 sil and ran fine... im really lost not sure what else to try? just seems to get worse n worse...
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