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  1. Tex Willer

    Is your cam timing correct?
  2. Tex Willer

    This is still going =) Street and track use for 2years http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...t&p=2055850
  3. Agreed. 1 of 2 fails. IMO
  4. Tex Willer

    Good boostcontroller. 4 boost settings possible.
  5. Tex Willer

    GT4202R ? http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarre...02_731376_2.htm
  6. Tex Willer

    We have had some problems with the 1. Generation RB25 (with external coildrivers). Seems like the spark dissappears over 14 psi boost, even lower on big turboed/hp engines. Don`t know if it is the coildriver or coil that is the weak link, but most likely the coils. HKS dli box did not help(as it does on the supra`s) Generation 2 coils seems better, but probably not working with the external amps.
  7. Tex Willer

    r32 green 5 pin r33 series 1 green 5 pin r33 series 2 pink 3 pin z32 orange 4 pin q45 yellow 3 pin
  8. Tex Willer

    I Would try som other airflow meters.
  9. Hmm but they are both linear 0-5 volt signals.... Is it just a matter of mapping?
  10. Tex Willer

    Your 1st torque graph looks like your clutch is slipping..
  11. http://www.catcams.be/800x600/mainframe.htm Partnumber is CC011 "under bucket shim " design Works with Tomei Procam design. Tomei don`t make them anymore for som reason
  12. Tex Willer

    Try this one, I know they make solid ones http://www.catcams.be/800x600/mainframe.htm
  13. Tex Willer

    They work well on single turbo converted VG30DETT`s Not many of them, thou
  14. Tex Willer

    I,ve seen 500kw @4 hubs on Dynapack . It was an HKS 2.8 litre.