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  1. This is still going =) Street and track use for 2years http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...t&p=2055850
  2. Good boostcontroller. 4 boost settings possible.
  3. GT4202R ? http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarre...02_731376_2.htm
  4. We have had some problems with the 1. Generation RB25 (with external coildrivers). Seems like the spark dissappears over 14 psi boost, even lower on big turboed/hp engines. Don`t know if it is the coildriver or coil that is the weak link, but most likely the coils. HKS dli box did not help(as it does on the supra`s) Generation 2 coils seems better, but probably not working with the external amps.
  5. r32 green 5 pin r33 series 1 green 5 pin r33 series 2 pink 3 pin z32 orange 4 pin q45 yellow 3 pin
  6. Hmm but they are both linear 0-5 volt signals.... Is it just a matter of mapping?
  7. Your 1st torque graph looks like your clutch is slipping..
  8. http://www.catcams.be/800x600/mainframe.htm Partnumber is CC011 "under bucket shim " design Works with Tomei Procam design. Tomei don`t make them anymore for som reason
  9. Try this one, I know they make solid ones http://www.catcams.be/800x600/mainframe.htm
  10. They work well on single turbo converted VG30DETT`s Not many of them, thou
  11. I,ve seen 500kw @4 hubs on Dynapack . It was an HKS 2.8 litre.
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