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  1. Still looking for a pair, ones I purchased as single items through Yahoo Auctions (import monster) were wrong. Lack of size or details from Japanese translation of Yahoo page means I won't risk buying another set that way.
  2. Windscreens are definitely different, most likely won't have built in aerial though. If you find someone that supplies new replacement 32 sedan windscreen with built in aerial please PM me.
  3. Am willing to pay $150-200 for a pair depending on condition...
  4. Thanks Terry, I've emailed Justjap, waiting for a reply. Thanks Ravi, I will see how I go, I've seen the blue ones but might hunt around for a bit longer.
  5. Not sure which is which, I have attached a picture below. I know they are rare and probably impossible to find. I need two but would be happy to buy two singles off different people (or buy 3 or 4 and on sell the rest). If they're not the same colour or perfect condition let me know, I will still consider.
  6. So what does it mean if they have blue dials with orange needle, not white?
  7. thanks Tony, I guess with 18months to wait there will be plenty of people that will test the water before my car is eligible.
  8. Dang.. Thanks for looking that up for me Martin, I had no idea. For some reason I thought it was built earlier and something dodgy had been done to comply it as a 90 when I brought it in. Everything else is above board with the car, pretty confident car would pass a roadworthy with new rear discs as long as height adjustable coil-overs are ok.
  9. Awesome, this has made my week. I actually rang Shannons yesterday regarding this before I saw this thread and I was told I would save approx. $400/y on insurance alone if the car had club reg. I was just about to send of application forms to Classic Skylines Australia because I thought club reg. may never happen through SAU, this is great news since I'd still be be much happier doing club events with SAU. Can someone please clarify if the 25 year rule takes the build date into consideration? If so, where is the build plate that states what month the car was built? I've got two plates I can find in my engine bay that, one silver tag with '609000HCR32066791' the other blue plate says: E-HCR32 HCR32-066791 RCR32GFSM GC KG1 G RB20DET 1998 cc FS5W71C RC43 Not sure if any of this info refers to the build month. Also, Lets just say that someone with a 25yo skyline has had an RB25 conversion with all supporting upgrades that hasn't been engineered yet, but otherwise the car is in near perfect roadworthy condition (needs new rear discs), could it be put on club reg. without engineers certificate if it passes everything else? Apologies if this has already been answered before in another thread? Cheers, Rob
  10. +1 for alternator, that would be at the top of the list if I were you, and probably the simplest to check. I remember having similar issues a few years ago with the HICAS 'stuttering', along with other weird things, new alternator fixed everything.
  11. R32 SEDAN with RB25 & R33 box. 1450kg total with driver and almost empty tank. Only things that would effect weight from standard coupe are 17" gtr wheels, gtr bonnet, gtr rear hubs. 870kg front (959lb./wheel sprung) 580kg rear (639lb./wheel sprung) There's a weight bridge in oakleigh that will do it for you for $20
  12. AGE, on 21 Feb 2013 - 21:12, said: Yep, will get it up. Any updates?
  13. All sorted glazier is making one up for $30.
  14. Shame car is listed as 32gtst @13th place, much more impressive as 1.4l Polo.
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