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  1. Moschops

    Cut the back out and drop in a tube. I stuck two thicknesses of red translucent vinyl inside to get the colour I was after. Sealed the back up with duct tape and tagged the transformer into the side light circuit. Masked the raised letters and sprayed white to match my car, Job done.
  2. Moschops

    Here's mine I ditched the pod as it wasn't much use as a filter. With the top cut off now it's slightly more willing than before. Like this is not as free flowing as the pod (or as noisy) but I have good filtration.
  3. I only get this when the idle control valve needs cleaning. Once I take it apart and give it a good clean with carb cleaner it's 100% fine again.
  4. When I turn on the ignition (but not the engine) my std guage is sometimes on 0 or sometimes near to it, but not ALWAYS on 0 as an accurate guage would be.
  5. Moschops

    Guess i'm in the minority here but they look shi!te. Only one colour for 33 afterburners and that's red.
  6. Moschops

    Mine does this as i'm CLOSING the throttle, not when it's closed. If i'm accelerating in, say, 5th and ease off fairly gently (not snap it closed) then I get the HKS BOV whistle at the same time the wastegate flutters. I know the fluttering on my car is the wastegate and not the BOV as the BOV sound is of constant pitch. My understanding of the sound you describe is the wastegate swing valve opening and closing to balance the pressure. Could be wrong, I was once.
  7. Moschops

    End of October last year
  8. Moschops

    Here's mine. I was going to make a fibreglass box in the rear wing but ultimately decided on the easier route. I need to make some sort of cover where the fuses are. The sub's not in a box so probably doesn't perform at it's best (still sounds good enough for me). Of course i'm bolloxed if I ever want to fit a strut brace!
  9. Moschops

    Damn vibration. :) (actually it's named 'fake' as the board's still untrimmed. Added with Photoshop)
  10. Moschops

    My Sony only powers the antenna wire when the radio is on. If I change source to CD the antenna goes down. No good for switching an amp on/off then!!
  11. Moschops

    try 0.8 gap. Also make sure all the intake hose clips are tight. I had one that wasn't done up fully and was leaking on boost. Terrible misfire and no power, which I guess was down to the induced overfuelling
  12. The S2 GTS25t had the ceramic turbine and plastic compressor, whereas the S1 (like mine) had the ceramic turbine and aluminium compressor. My mechanic checked mine recently while replacing the busted exhaust manifold studs and found it has the ali compressor, which can handle up to 1 bar. I have no proof but have heard that "Type M" signifies Turbo. The different grille, skirts, front bar, wing were factory options (along with that narsty walnut-effect dash and different interior)
  13. Same as my '94 GTS25t. As a rule of thumb turbo = 5 wheel nuts, n/a = 4.
  14. Moschops

    So... the handbrake works inside the disk then, is there a friction lining that will need replacing sometime?? Gotta say that this is the best handbrake i've ever had on a car. I'll have a go this weekend as it needs adjusting now. Thanks for the useful info.
  15. As ndr says, don't keep topping up the reservoir as it shows when your pads are getting low.