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  1. Here's a screen shot of what the notification looks like (this one popped up today)
  2. Ok so I just had another notification pop up. It was for the "hello from Canada" thread in the newbie introductions area. The thread is 2 days old and only had 1 reply, also from 2 days ago
  3. I occasionally get random notifications from the mobile app for threads that I've never participated in, in sections of the forum I rarely go into. Any idea how I stop them. The notification just has a speech bubble with 3 dots in it.
  4. I have a st-s pulsar (st-l level trim with sss motor and wheels). On my commute to work (majority highway driving) I average about 6.2-6.3L/100kms according to the dash (which is about 6.7L/100 when I calculate it properly, which is better than I get from the missus n15 sss and about the same as I was getting from my mirage). If I drive efficiently and sit on 110kmh instead of 115 to 118 (which is about 110kmh based of the gps and the average speed readout on the dash) then I've had the dash fuel economy read 5.8L/100kms for the round trip to work (125kms). I rarely rev the thing over 3500rpm though because you just don't need to. They pull hard enough between 2500 and 3500 rpm there's no point revving any higher. If anything, they start to choke above 4000rpm. They are certainly no "hot hatch" like a mazda 3 mps or focus st, etc, but as far as warm hatches go I'm more than happy with mine. They are also a darn sight cheaper than the hot hatches at under 30k.
  5. mad082

    Formula 1 2016

    I know I didn't post much in the 2015 thread because of the lack of FTA coverage. Bringing back refueling might help things improve, but they also need to get rid of the fuel flow limit, otherwise it's pointless. F1 management needs to hand out more money to the teams, and more evenly, so that there can be new teams come into the sport and the low budget teams actually have a chance to stay viable and have something to fight for rather than just being there to make up the numbers, running round a few laps down. But the fact that they are so fast and require do much aero to just stay on the track means that on track overtaking has really taken a back seat to the undercut, which reduces the spectacle. This is where tin top racing does it well. Low down force and tight performance parity means close on track racing. So they either need to blueprint the engines or open up development (the latter of which will only help the big teams, and make the budget teams struggle even more to make the time cut).
  6. mad082

    Formula 1 2015

    They'd have more of a budget if they weren't rebuilding maldonado's car every time he crashes it (in other words, every round)
  7. If it's misfiring, try the igniter pack and coils. But if you're running gtr injectors off the stock ecu, that won't be helping the situation though. Best to get it on a dyno to check what the air/fuel ratio is like
  8. I'd just buy 2 r35s, keep 1 stock and spend a whole heap of money on the other. Well actually i'd buy neither, I'd buy a lambo instead, but that's beside the point.
  9. As has been said, try running the wastegate straight from the piping. There is always the chance though that the wastegate itself is damaged. If you have a pump you could attach it to the line to the wastegate and see if it opens when pressure is applied (or if the diaphragm in the wastegate is damaged)
  10. To diagnose the wastegate flap fouling you need to disconnect the wastegate and swing the flap to see if it opens.
  11. Could be a dodgy Watergate or possibly the flap is fouling on the dump pipe
  12. mad082

    Formula 1 2015

    Would be good to see Dan in a car where he can actually see the Mercedes, other than in his mirrors when they come round to lap him
  13. mad082

    Formula 1 2015

    Kimi isn't shit all of a sudden, he's been shit for ages. Well not really shit, just mediocre with the occasional shit race. This year though he's decided to lift his game and make sure he's shit more consistently. He should've given up a few years back. But I suppose it makes it easier for Ferrari to employ a good driver as their number 1 driver without having to worry about team orders causing problems.... The fact that only half the races are shown live on fta tv probably has something to do with that. That's why I don't post much
  14. They call me Thor at work for a reason, lol
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