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  1. mxfly

    Have a kakimoto gt10z 3.8" straight through with no restrictions if you're interested. Located in syd
  2. mxfly

    Price of that blue nur has gone up and down like a yoyo. Was initially 188k. Would've been sold if it was a solid car. The other blue nur with white te37 from Carlingford, Syd sold reasonably quick. The asking was 200k.
  3. It's a fake ad. Someone has already investigated it.
  4. mxfly

    Bottom mount bride rails specific for a v35
  5. mxfly

    Nissan made them for the r34 coupe platform
  6. Kudos motorsport has new ones. Got mine from them.
  7. mxfly

    The thread from wing blade is stuffed. I've encountered this before. Was a pita to take off. I had to literally use some force and pull the blade while one person unscrew the torx bolt.
  8. Have a brand new set of project mu front rotors for gtt if interested
  9. Have a set of brand new project mu rotors for cheap. Same as these
  10. You need a machine and proper dedicated pads just for glass to polish properly.
  11. mxfly

    2009 R36 daily 2013 CC V6 2012 Scirocco (just sold it) Going back to another 'cough' Nissan soon
  12. That's the rust you can see. Just imagine the corrosion that you can't.