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  1. I have the Hypertune the NAPREC 49mm throttles with cooling plate ported to match. Currently N1 Block Carrillo rods 87mm mahle pistons, HKS 2530's, Head is a NAPREC High Response head, Block machined by NAPREC. NISMO surge collector and Step 1 Vcam, 600cc NISMO, ported stock exhaust into some Titanium all the way to the tip , and a CTG TOURQLINE Carbon Fiber drive shaft, and AUTO GALLERY Double Synchro Tranny with modded transfer case The car from Top Secret was my friends car, BNR34 WANGAN RUNNER, We ran the BAYSHORE Route together Video is from inside of the Top Secret 34 and BCNR33 is me, and a flyby clip. Install is next month 02A8B2E5-03A6-4638-8A49-6E4D69473EF2.mp4 B67A8617-069E-49C6-BCC7-32C5763A9F60.mp4
  2. https://nlgroupautoparts.en.alibaba.com/product/60813976018-805081960/Top_Quality_Billet_Racing_Crank_shaft_for_Nissan_RB26_RB26dett_Engine_Crankshaft.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.41413.19.746a66b5HATbqZ Have you seen this? JUN Auto is about an hour from my house:) TOMEI has had some internal conflicts resulting in a split between both founders, a subsequent business opened called Real Speed Engineering or RSE , oddly enough since both parties are were founders both parties share the patents LOL
  3. Well this thread seems to just have faded away, 73.7mm full counter crank would spin up so fast and redline around 9500 - 10? What became of this, has any one used a 73.7mm crank? Im looking for a Full counter normal stroke crank.
  4. Big difference in sound level, sound is crisp with decat, you will for sure be heard coming down the street.
  5. I have a R33 GTS T, will the cat back bolt up to a R33 GTR, I am shopping around for a GTR. The Catback I have on my GTS T is Full Titanium.
  6. Well I gather that these are a recent release, so here is the link to investigate. http://www.pulstarplug.com/ I saw an article about them in Tuner mag and Turbo mag
  7. Been reading about these plugs that are $25.00 bucks a pop that claim to increase HP, Torque and Gas milage, I was just wondering if any body has given these badboys a try? I am debating on getting these but would like some direct imput from anyone who has tried these, the theory sounds great, but as you know it is always good on paper. I'm already running an MSD box, coil and 8.5 superconductor wires, so maybe I already have the same thing?? So like I said looks good.
  8. A quick question does the 2.5 non turbo come with an open diff or an LSD?
  9. Runnin a 3" Titanium Cat back w/straight pipe, easy fix for the droning is called volume on the stereo. I know I gained power from putting this exhaust on but I also have a pod filter and MSD Sport Compact Ignition box with Blaster coil, Iridium plugs and always keep cap and rotor fresh and also 8.5mm Super conductor wires. Car comes out Faster since the cat back was added. Oh yes it is loud as F*** But sounds so sweet.
  10. Was running a GTR exaust set up and got that raspy sound a lot when I was taching out. Scored a three inch titanium cat back For 40,000 yen and the raspy sound disappeared and was replaced gobs of power and and a very nice note which got really racy as the RPM's increased. As for the over lap you are experience my theory is possible bog from the lack of an LSD. possibly overlap is the wrong term, I experience the loss of power at 4000R's lose about 500R's then it comes back.
  11. does any body out there know where to get a hot coil and a performance cam for an RB20E, I will more than likely be driving this car for another 18 months at least. I would like to add a little more zest to my driving experience here in Japan, I have already applied the basics, NGK Iridium plugs, NGK wires, cap and rotor button, exhuast system from a GTR with straight pipe, Timing belt and water pump are 5k old, i also have a line on a limited slip diff. but I don't really want to go there with out a cam or coil, can anyone help out. Kelford out of New Zeland can do a performance regrind but it's a bit pricey.
  12. those plates are the real deal
  13. Gentleman and ladies of course I live in Zama shi in Kanagawa Ken, have been here going on three years and well I am going to be a permant fixture in japan, I have a good job not teaching English or any thing of that sort. Love it here, and will love it more when I am finally able to score my GTR. Give a scream if your in the area. Peace to you
  14. I've recently put a R33 gtr exhaust on my R33 RB20E and it is a bit louder, and I have a decat on also. But if you you stay N/A and want a little more power this is the trade off. this addition has made my ride a little more respectful on the road as I can get people off the line and to the next light. My top end is a little better I'm happy for now until I get a gtst.
  15. so your coming to japan, japan stands for have your wallet ready, what kind of funds are you working with, the city may look huge but hotel rooms are very small and a can be very pricey I can send you an english magazine for japan called metropolitan might help you a lot, up to you, it's like whats the scene japan for non locals its a monthly mag and it's free I have a few months worth. Don,t know how much help i can be, I live in japan just outside of tokyo Name is Thomas
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