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  1. Depends 'which' 6 speed you're talking about. I know there's a 420G used in the BMW E39 which is a gearbox for RWD. The 6spd 466 AWD transaxle series is in lots of Porsche's, Audis and the GTO, the 448 6speed AWD transaxle tends to get used in the upper end Porsches. For what its worth, they are capable of holding big horsepower around 450 or so stock and after that they do need some (relatively inexpensive) bracing modifications to the housing and transfer cases, if you do manage to break one they do cost a veritable fortune. Most people break them because they're terrible, the boxes themselves are actually quite good! In my experience a lot of them aren't interchangeable if that makes it any easier for you. The very hard way is to contract Getrag and be prepared to go slightly crazy in the process...
  2. He's 78 for f*cks sake... he's toying with death every time he takes a shower or negotiates stairs and its not like he was doing it in the middle of the city!
  3. It's quite a three-fold problem on a number of levels, in regards to both laws that allow profiling (aka- stereotyping) and the media which by and large doesn't set out to challenge anyones preconceived notions on how the world works either, they just sell stories people will watch and feel justifiably (right or wrong) that alls well in the world when someone in a car that performs better than theirs, gets chopped by the coppers. Meanwhile, whole country seems to think its delightfully entertaining to have a car crushed on the basis that its owner was being a knob and that'll sort out problems with what is essentially, majorly dysfunctional people that have absolutely no regard for laws or even courtesy to other road users. They simply ceased caring a long time ago and will continue to speed, drink, do burnouts and race other cockheads wherever, whenever they want and have no comprehension of punishment or the consequences of killing/injuring themselves or anyone else, they just don't give a f**k! (Im actually quite embarrassed that a fair few of them aren't exactly 'young' either) In most states there isn't a lot of justification for a police officer to pull someone over, most of it quite simply comes down to "reasonable suspicion" and that can be as broad a brush as simply being the right coloured vehicle in the wrong place where someone has been a dickhead recently. From there it really can be as subjective as the officer on the scene deems necessary, which unfortunately means it can be as awful as you or they escalate it! Don't really see much support from the pop-media on the issue, these jokers are about as pragmatic and slimey as they come, mostly because without any incentive they hold all the cards on what ultimately will be published via the media- bearing in mind that they risk losing support from both their viewers and in some cases, sponsors (ie: RTA, State Gov) if they pursue what is an unpopular cause. Not to be damning of the whole idea because it really is needed beyond just your or my personal honour being offended by wankers in cars they don't deserve, but I think at the crux, you'd actually need some kind of independant political representation to get anything through in regards to changes to laws, behaviour, driving skills and punching the media. cheers, from one old bastard to another
  4. Yeah, this is what some people in the US are finding out at the moment- Personally if I buy a car its on the basis that the manufacturer will just sell me the parts to fix it myself if needed... I mean for f*cks sake just looking at most of those parts listed theres only a couple I'd think twice about DIY (like the engine) because the rest is pretty much plug and play. What a crock of shit
  5. US GTR's cost- 2009 Base 2dr All-wheel Drive Invoice: $65,744 MSRP: $69,850 2009 Premium 2dr All-wheel Drive Invoice: $67,672 MSRP: $71,900 I reckon the biggest difference is how hard the Australian dealer is going to rape you in the back pocket.
  6. Doesn't surprise me that at some point the advertising of how much 'power' Holden's make (theoretically or actually!) would have sunk in at some level to the soft, mushy, malleable minds of the average citizen, in so much as the same masses think Camry's are good cars because Toyota make them. Difference being between a Camry owner and a Commodore owner is that one deprives some form of sick pleasure in maintaining the potential for their vehicle being able to drag 2.5kids, spouse and 35ft caravan or boat for hundreds of kilometres, choking up the right lane of some highway for hours on end. (If there is a hell, I'm sure that this is probably mine) The vast majority of Holden owners aren't a problem and never given me any more grief than anyone else, but they have sold an awful lot of Commo's over the years I've owned a couple myself, admittedly I'd never own them again because they're mostly fucking awful! And naturally, even a small percentage from a large amount of people translates into a huge amount of wankers.
  7. 1/10 scale RC cars with some PVC tyres are cheap! $600 and you'll be owning hard in no time. Slightly more seriously, S13's have beautiful balance, tons of relatively cheap parts made exactly for race/drift that have seen close to 2 decades of development, easy to work on, fairly reliable and they don't take a lot of mods to produce decent amounts of mid-range, tyre raping power. Plus a lot of people have done up S13's for drift, so you're not out in the cold when it comes to answers for set ups. In hindsight I should never have sold mine, damn it was fun.
  8. I'm lucky that I don't use the tank for daily-duties as around town its fuel consumption is 'awful', but on long trips which is what I bought it for, otherwise its a glorified shopping trolley (I'm too busy to make it to track days 99% of the time) it leans out to about 9.5L/100km which is quite fine if I stick to the speed limit. A lot of it comes down to going easier with the right foot regardless of what you drive, which can be difficult... As for the average motorist, I think at $2-$2.50 and its going to kick a lot of people in the balls who use a car a lot and actually come into par with our over-priced, overly shitty public transport in a lot of cases. Ultimately if it keeps heading this way (and lets face it, Arabs hating Jews and Yanks invading people is probably never going to end) for the forseable future I reckon at some people society as a whole is going to have to ditch the "rush! rush! Be there now!" lifestyle we've been used too and adopt a bit more of a "F*ck it, I'll do it when I get there" simply to curb energy usage, which would be just fine by me really.
  9. So you're sticking an RB in a car which was single handedly responsible for a lot of mid-20's sin, depravity and probably at least responsible for about 3 reasons of "why I will go to hell"? It was even that colour blue (well, that and primer) with a 308 piece of oil burning, GMH pushrod shit, iron boat anchor... Good job!
  10. Wonder if he's the same MrE's that was found this morning with a bag of E's, 8 guns, some machettes and and a Subaru about 3am today? (People drive Nissans here? )
  11. Dear team, We're coming on 2 months now since I, the Great White Hunter of Nissan Australia called for the compulsory slaying of grey imported Skylines "for their own good" (makes the breed hard to manage you understand) The tally so far- 0 Sadly the grey imported R35 is a cunning beast, which it must be indeed trying to hide its portly girth and distinct stripes in the domestic jungle of falcadores and camryundis, in order to flush it out we will re-evalute our plan by starving it out... the threat having the privilage of being fondled and massaged by our finest 2nd year apprentices in our workships revoked doesn't seem to be enough to convince them to to turn themselves in. My new cunning plan will be involving a really big lump of cheese and a big f**king shotgun. Colin Buckley COMPANY SECRETARY
  12. I think they're firmly embedded in reality having to lick that much anus just so you'll get priority test drives in next years model for being someone 'favourable' to the company. The reality of that many shiny rings due to motor journalists tongues is probably too much to bear for most.
  13. Vehicle at rest and eating, nothing wrong with that as its just sitting at a red light, going through the intersection sideways and eating a sandwich just makes you a f**king legen... silly bugger. Hwy Patrol make up some laws as they go to suit the event. I have heard some good ones over the years, I'll add this one to the list Course the best one I've seen as far as eating/driving was this hambeast of a woman in an XF falcon next to me in Sydney traffic a few years ago ripping into a bowl of cereal... doesn't do wonders for one's faith in humanity.
  14. I'd sort of hope Toyota are running somewhere as a result as their product line has been... well, lets just say, Camry's are the 'New Beige' and Lexus are just sort of large comfy barges with widgets that cost a bit more. They're Practical: Yes Value for money: Yes Work more often than not: Yes Makes the company decent money: Yes So boring, even the cops don't bother you: Yes GM and Ford mostly make utter shite now: Yes Neighbours think your a nice chap when you start it at 4:30am on a Sunday morning: Yes Chances are, if you've bought a Toyota in about the last 5-8 years, its been for those reasons and probably not done you any ill with your purchase. In fact I'd commend them for any of those reasons and your a sensible person for doing so. What Toyota don't make anymore is anything 'interesting' I don't mean 'interesting' like, heated mirrors, rectum massagers in the seats, self-parking, DVD players and gas jets to drop down from the roof that can knock out unruly children. No, interesting like- It gets 25L to the 100km It makes more noise than the big day out It has enough torque to drag a dead elephant It makes old people sneer and 'tsk' a lot when one goes past It makes parents lock up their daughters at night, with a length of chain It'll make the cops just start shooting before flicking on the lights and then issue defects for the bullet holes in the side. It'll make people think your the biggest fucken delinquent ever It should (theoretically) be faster than someone else's car you know Toyota don't make anything like that now. Even if you don't or can't own something like its something to aspire too or just look at for shits and giggles.
  15. No damn it! How much, doing what, to whom?