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  1. I have got the same problem in my 32 at the moment, clunking in the back... And it is the drive shafts (inside CV is dead) Not hard to change. But there is a big nut on the end of the drive shaft in the hub, which can prove to be a real bastard to get undone. Skid
  2. Ok I did a search and couldn't really find the answer I wanted... So can anyone tell me if the Rear driveshafts from a Ceffiro are the same size, length and bolt pattern as R32 4 door skyline? i need new drive-shafts for my R32 4 door and the only ones I can get my hands on are for ceffiro, and I can't just go and measure them. Please help. Skid
  3. Thanx that helped alot... Maybe I can just use the S13 center with houseing and use my half shafts and rear cover (Hi-Cas Lock bar attaches to cover I think)
  4. All depends on how you drive the car and what you want to do with it. Me..... Manual all the way.
  5. I have found a Locked open wheel diff center from a S13 and want to fit it into my R32 (Which is VLSD) my problem is that the pictures of the S13 diff show a different bolt pattern on the half shafts to the ones on my R32. Can I bolt my half shifts in? Can I just put the center into my houseing with my crown wheel and half shafts etc... Any help??? Cheers
  6. I have them too.... They came factory on my R32 4 door. (I think they were factory, as it came into the contry BOG STOCK) I like the projector better, but apparently they are better lights for use on the road... Better then my mates 2 door.
  7. Hey, how much for the wheels? Let me know as I am in wollongong NSW and am on the hunt for rims. Cheers. P.S. If tax was here already, I would grab that Wolf.
  8. Thanx... I think that answers what I needed to know.... Throw it back in the cupboard and forget I own it... Along with all the other crap I own.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to wire a RB25 DET airflow meter into my RB20 DET R32? Replacing the factory RB20 one. Is there any gain to be had from it? Or is it only a gain with the Z32 ones? Cheers, Rob.
  10. I know how to wire it up. But it won't work without a booster. Tested it on my mates 300zx, and it works fine. And a guy I know said I need the booster for it to work.... He had the same problem.
  11. I didn't need to use one on my old 180sx either.... But don't work on this car.... And people are telling me it needs a signal booster for the tacho on R32. Weird.
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