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  1. I am definitly going over seas. I actually go on Tuesday. The car is still for sale at $12,500- If you want to know more info about it please phone me DO NOT POST as i will not be checking this while i am O/S. My brother will have my phone and will give you all the info you need. THAILAND here i come. YAY!!!!!
  2. If anyone is interested i can take these rims off and put stock 32 rimson it and the stereo out and sell for about $12,500.
  3. I'm not sure. If you are interested you can call me and talk about it.
  4. Price added...as you can tell i dont do this often.
  5. I need to sell my car in the next 5 weeks. I am asking $15k for it. It has just had a major 100k service so timing belt and everything was done. It is running extremly smooth and goes like a dream.. Colour is : WRX BLUE RIMS : im not sure what make but they are white and 18inch Stereo : Pioneer head unit with Sound Stream speakers sub and amp. all brand new and put in 2 months ago and sounds awesome $2k worth. It is pretty much a stock standard car except the rims and a pod filter. It is manual. I will sell her cheeper without the stereo. my mobile number is 0419 180 423. Please no time wasters.
  6. Yeah i have only had her 3 months...but i have a great oportunity to stay overseas for a while so i want to take it.
  7. Well you should have come and said hi then shouldn't you. and thanks she is quite nice. Unfortunatly i am selling her to move over seas. posting an add this week.
  8. Was great to meet so many new people, had a great day. I hope to see you all around soon. XOXO
  9. I didn't realsie the other cruise was all sorts of cars....i think i will skip it
  10. It was just a suggestion, it was organised before the meet and great but the person organising it didn't really keep the thread alive by the looks of it. And as for the money not reaching the actually charity i think that is a bit harsh, of course there are administration costs but you would be surprised how much does reach the people in need...and isn't something better than nothing..... Anyway i am looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday.... Have a great rest of the week
  11. HERE ARE THE DETAILS FOR THE CHARITY CRUISE. IT IS ONE CRUISE OUT OF OUR WHOLE CRUISING LIFE I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD CONSIDER THE BENIFITS FOR THE CHARITY IF THEY GET ANOTHER 30 CARS TURNING UP. WE CAN STILL DO LUNCH SOMEWHERE I'M SURE AND AT THE SAME TIME WE HELP PEOPLE IN NEED. when: sunday august 27th where: santos stadium time: 11:00am leave at 12 to: yankalilla football club for lunch & various other small events cost: $10 per car Cruise is being proudly sponsored by Complete Audio, AVS Suspension & Red Rock Noodle bar, with a small show & shine down at yankallila, as well as various awards etc!!!!
  12. Hi all i saw that the someone mentioned that the charity cruise is this weekend so i was thinking that if somebody has details on it we could look into joining up with that cruise rather than doing our own thing, i mean it is for charity. If anyone has details on it could they pm me ASAP so we can see what the likely hood of joining these crusises is.....whats everyone elses view on this????? anyone? anyone?
  13. Spotted a grey 32 on grange road at about 7:45 last night. The dude didn't even look at me when he drove past...where's the love gone people....
  14. Is that a hint there... too funny. I will let you know if i am going once the details have been sent out.
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