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  1. hey guys, need to clean my garage out tyres: 225/50r17 98V yokohama tyres with RWC tread 70% 60 for both firm set genuine VOLK challengers 5x114.3 18X10.0 +48 18X9.0 +45 rims are scratched no buckles or cracks just cosmeticly damaged 18X10's come with pirelli pzero rosso with 70% tread chasing 800ono set 5zegin black racing N1 pro's 5x114.3 17X8+31 17X9+30 no tyres 17x8+31, one rim has a crack on the lip, repairable 350 firm random pair of skidder 4x114.3 16X7 somes with 205/55R16 Dunlop 3000a with about 80-90% tread 80 firm! RB20/25 turbo kit t3/t4 minimal shaft play high mount manifold(cracked!) external waste gate with screamer front and dump pipe pritty sure this is a ebay kit had it on my r33 which made 230kw with this turbo 400ono standard R33 exhaust no holes no loose baffles 100 firm S13 BN side skirts in primer no cracks or chips ready to paint standard s13 silvia/180sx front: KYB excel with king springs(road worth height) rear: standard doesnt look like thier leaking no knocks missing 2 studs on strut top( just put a nut and bolt ) 100 firm can attach pic's for some reason, i can mms or email them if needed pick up from northern suburbs(bundoora) call or sms me on o433 473o36
  2. any chance u have a complete boot carpet and wooden board? pm me
  3. ive tried foot flat on the accelorator so many times ive flattened 2 drycell batteries the signal should be right unless ive got a crook cam angel sensor? damit, maybe ill try check injector pulse and spark at the same time and see what i can get
  4. firing order is correct. what do u mean by air? im 100% on air leaks
  5. ive gota r33 gtr style front bumper,genuine gtr bumper doesnt seem to fit aswell if u dont have the gtr gaurds. i bought mine off a member on this forum and it fit very well. looks alot better than standard. but u need to buy genuine gtr indicators or u can mount after market ones, but genuine looks tops
  6. ^^ already tried that still no change when cranking it also back fires when trying to start it
  7. Can anyone help? I just done the timing belt on my r33 rb25 ive done plenty of them and have never had this problem I have fuel( fuel pressure, injector pulse, check all fuses), and ive also got spark( tried 3 sets of spark plugs, changed coils) and its still not starting When i crank it, it doesnt start then i check the plugs again its fouled up Dry the cylinders dry the spark plugs( or change them) Try it again still doesnt start Take the plugs out again fouled again Take out fuel pump fuse disconnect injectors, still doesnt fire up even though theres fuel in the cylindeds Disconnect cas still doesnt fire up Reconnect cas still doesnt fire up Recheck spark strenght, has plenty It did start once when it was stripped down to the timing belt with everything connected, THEN ITS FIRED UP with a big puff of smoke then shut it down coz the timing belt was about to fall off, thinking it was fixed i reassembled After assembling it didnt start, back to square one Timing marks are spot on Anyone have the same issue? There are no vaccum leaks even though it should still start. At this time its doing my head in bad Have i misssed something? Why is it flooding when ive got spark? Also has a new temp sensor Anyone help?
  8. hey guys im after a rb25det exhaust manifold, with a EXTERNAL WASTEGATE FLANGE WELDED TO IT!!! must not have any cracks or anything if anyone has one please let me know pick up from melbourne only pm me or call me on o433473036 cheers
  9. whats ur number buddy willing to pick up asap when ur free cheers
  10. hey guys, cleaning my garage out found afew things that i dont need anymore. s13/180sx BN(i think?) side skirts, in primer, no damage, ready for paint, fits pritty dam good, $100 standard s13/180sx rear sway bar, $30 standard s13/180sx cat back exhaust, missing rear muffler, good for epa and shit $80 standard s13/180sx drivers and passenger seats, missing buckle, one has a ciggy burn where ur ass would be, $80 for both standard s13/180sx drivers window glass, has tint but its shit, can remove if wanted, $40 CA18DET standard cam shafts and sprockets, no real signs of wear, $70 CA18DET rocker cover and valley cover, started sandinng back then cbf, $50 S14a door hinges, bought as a pair only needed one side, $30 R33 gtr rear spoiler, KL0 silver, minor scratches, not to sure if its genuine or not, comes with brake light and loom, $130 no postage pick up only from bundoora, melbourne(northern) contact me via pm or call me on 0433473036
  11. hey guys, im selling a complete SR20DE package comes complete with: Engine and ALL accessories( injectors, all the pumps, intake, exhaust, everything) Manual gear box with a button clutch ECU Wiring loom Engine mounts Tailshaft And anything else too do a COMPLETE conversion ill have to double check the k's but i think its around 150,xxxklms(will confirm soon) reason im selling is because my little brother wanted a n/a s13 and now the little shit is getting his p's and doesnt want it anymore. at this stage i want to sell the package complete, or ill just sell the whole car. engine has also had the timing chain, tensioner, water pump, rocker cover and timing case changed and re-sealed. Not looking to seperate right now, unless i get a offer for everything but the gearbox. if ur interested in the engine u can come see it run before i pull it out(with a deposit) im chasing 1600 for the whole package can mms photos pick up from bundoora contact me via pm or call me on 0433473036 cheers
  12. I can mms u mate pm me ur Ur number
  13. What colour code is it? There's 2 silvers, I have one paint code is KL0 silver pm me if ur interested
  14. hey guys im after afew things for my r33 L+R front door trims + power windows plastic trim dash fascia cluster surround ash tray cluster lower trim (trim where fuses are located, not the lid, the whole trim) COMPLETE BOOT CARPETS EVEN PLASTIC TRIMS spare tyre(space saver) all must be in good condition or theres no point me buying them must be in melb for pick up contact me via email or call me on 0433473036
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