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  1. Power FC D-Jetro from an R32 gtr will become available in second half od august. Currently in running car. Will come with hand controller and sensor. $500.
  2. Fuel pumps and surge tank sold subject to payment
  3. Selling extra parts from my build. Spool rb30 rebuild kit. H beam rods, Ross 87mm 9.0 comp ratio pistons, Total seal rings, King rod bearings, Race main bearings, Nitto crank collar. All brand new in boxes. $1500. Will not separate. Garrette Gtx4294r turbo kit. 1.01 T4 housing, heat wrapped twin external gate manifold, two turbosmart 45mm hypergates with screamer pipes, heatshiled. Turbo is in good condition, no chips on either wheel and no shaft play. Kit came off of a rb2630 r33 gtr. All parts are used. $2500 will not separate. Twin Bosch 044 pumps and surge tank. Both use but in good condition. $300 will not seperate. Available in second half of august. RB26 bottom end. No head, no sump. Currently in a running car. Car makes 380hp at wheels on 98ron fuel. $1500. Available in second half of august. Pair of GTR LM turbochargers. Currently in running car. Currently make 380hp at wheels on 98ron fuel. Steel wheel turbos that are rated at 300hp each. $500 for the pair. Will ship parts at buyers expense. Parts available in august can be reserved with payment and confirmed once available to pickup/ship.
  4. Small update. In the process of ordering the spool 3.4l bottom end. 9.5 compression ratio Upgraded wrist pins and bolts Billet main caps and brace. Will have allot of rb26 and rb30 gear for sale in the next few days.
  5. Not the best photo but you can see the wheels and the back of the car.
  6. I agree, the wheels can make or break a look. I'm going to keep the wheels that are on it now. 17x10.5 very light weight. Very dark grey matt finish. I also removed the rear spoiler. Trying to add another image of the car but not having much luck.
  7. Hello. Its been a couple of years since I've been here. I own a 1990 GTR. Originally the car was light blue, hence the name Smurfette. It has since received a new collour changing paint job and the power goals have changed also. Perhaps she will be renamed to Evil Smurfette. After ma y years of ownership and various bolt on upgrades, the car is fine in a shop getting a proper rebuild. Firstly, all the leaks, seals, lights, rust spots are being rectified. While that is being done and the engine is out, we will do spool 3.4L stroker, PRP billet caps/brace upgrade. Head will also recieve an upgrade of parts and some port work. Car will run on 98ron on a day to day basis with e85 for track days. Intan pump will feed a surge tank which will feed 2000cc injectors. While the engine is being run in and I learn how to drive, drive train will remain untouched accept for a twin plate clutch. Later on i will get a PPG 5 speed and look to upgrade the drive shift, axles and diffs as needed. For induction, I am leaning towards a twin G25-660 setup. It will be a squeeze but the result will be a more factory look and more the enligh power to have vreat fun in with the car. Does anyone know of any gtrs where thats been done? I will keep the updates coming as often as I can.
  8. Looks awesome mate. Like I said to you before. Can't wait to see both of our 3l fire up.
  9. Didn't know that. I always thought if you go the grout rout, you can only do 1/4 mile runs. Might look into that.
  10. How does that effect the Engine? Can it still be daily driven?
  11. So things like wall thickness, any sort of structural bracing is pretty much the same on both bottom ends? Just talking about bare blocks.
  12. This purely a curiosity question. Are there any structural differences between the rb26 and the rb30 bottom ends that would make one stronger then the other? For example, we all know that the N1 block is stronger then standard. Billet is stronger again. If we took a standard rb26 and a standard rb30 bottom end. Similar age, kms and condition, are there any distinct differences in the design, engineering, manufacturing of either of the 2 that would make one withstand more HP then the other. Taking sheer displacement out of the equation.
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