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  1. Running a trust drag intercooler (works fine and satisfies my early japanese tuner look nostalgia) piping will be all custom made to suit. We will be running around 40psi of boost. Engine is sleeved and can hold 60psi if needed. Hopefully not. Just want to make sure that when throttle is shut off at high rpm, all of that air is vented out. Just extra precaution. Bovs are relatively cheap. Turbos aren't.
  2. Im sure there will be a truck full of hoses, clamps, fittings, etc etc etc. Car is coming back from panel and paint today. 0 rust, all new engine bay panels, strengthened welds. Can't wait.
  3. So waiting on a quote for the last part of the shopping list. Suggestions and advice always welcome. Precision 7685gen2 with T4 6boost manifold and 60mm gate. Ceramic coated with exhaust benie. 2x turbosmart bovs 3x walbro 535lph pumps (1 for main tank. 2 for surge tank) Raceworks 2.8l surge tank 2000 fuel pressure regulator Nitto full gasket kit Nitto 1.2mm head gasket. Clear front cam cover Billet top cam covers Haltech 2500 Ati balancer Prp r35 coil kit Prp pro 36-2 cam/crank trigger kit Pwr 55mm radiator. The rest I either have or its in transit.
  4. Yeah I kept hearing the ID2000 are ok to run on e85 but seals swell if e85 is left in them for a few days. Plus with power I am chasing I would have to run them at over 90%. Getting Dekas made sense. As for impedance, happens to all of us after a long night's drinking ethanol. Ill let Haltech sort that out. Aparently for a large Injector they are pretty good at idle and cruise.
  5. It's nice to come home and find car related presents at your door. Deka 2400cc injectors arrived today. Little by little we are getting there.
  6. So went the T4 1.28 AR. Because blah blah blah science science science bigger. And bigger is better!
  7. Lol. This time. This year. Pretty much everything is either here or in transit due to arrive in June and July. Apart from exhaust and new piping from turbo to intercooler, everything else is bolt on.
  8. Rust repair and paint done. Also getting the rear duards rolled slightly so I can fit some 315s in them. Now it's just a waiting game for the rest of the mechanicals to arrive so we can put her back together. Should be on the road by end of September.
  9. Do I just stay with my 260/10.25 and see how they go?
  10. Wow. Did not even think about either of the points (metal quality, lift at various duration). Fair call on both points. I've never had issues with tomei before but never used anything else either. I have always read that duration is for top end power and lift is for midrange torque. Might have to do some more reading. Problem I find is most of the 1000hp+ cars won't list am specs. I don't know why. I would have thought info sharing makes for easier product development.
  11. Hell Yeah!!! That's why I'm spending my kids school funds 🤑
  12. I had a look at kelford but there specs seem to be more fo high revving engines and not a huge amount of lift. To go over 11mm lift I need to go to 288 duration. If I was revving my engine to 9500+ or using it purely for racing, that would be ok. I've used 2 sets of tomei cams before and never had an issue. Jun was another consideration with 280/11.65 but can't find many reviews on them.
  13. Going to be ordering a new set of camshafts. Goingbwith Tomei 280/11.5 on both sides. I am not planning on revving the car past 8500rpm so I don't need any more duration and they are the highest should help with spool mid range. Happy to take on any advice people may have.
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